Jacqueline Darien, CFP, CMFC Jacqueline Darien has been a financial planner for 16 years and received her Certified Financial Planner® designation in 2000. Previously, she was a fundraising consultant and worked on planned giving strategies. She blogs at Rebootyourretirementincomeplan.com.
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Financial Literacy: 11 Ways To Get a Handle On Your Money

By Jacqueline Darien, CFP, CMFC
Jacqueline Darien

Drastic ups and downs in the markets and indices spinning like out-of-control tops have left many of us wondering what we should do about our finances. If your own situation has you worried, the most important thing you can do right now is to hone your financial literacy skills. Here are some steps to take that should help you now and in the long run.

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