Esther Rosenfeld Esther Rosenfeld's work life centered on teaching and learning. She was the School Director of the acclaimed Central Park East 2 school in Manhattan, New York. Following that she co-directed the Principals Institute at Bank Street College’s Graduate School of Education, a degree-granting program for aspiring New York City principals. In her retirement she wrote poetry and read them in open mikes in and around Woodstock, NY, where she and her husband of 55 years moved to from New York City. When her husband, Herb, died, Esther began writing about her loss, and published many poems and essays on the state of her state. It was during this time, writing about her loss, that her writing became a powerful presence in her life as she acknowledged her new state of widowhood.
Divorce & Widowhood

On Becoming An Elder Stateswoman of Grief

By Esther Rosenfeld
Writing helped me to understand what I was feeling. At first it was a lament: I gave free voice to the turmoil, grief, anger, and fear. Writing this way, without restraint, helped me experience the depth of my loss. And from that deep despair I was able to accept and begin the slow transition to my new life as a widow, and to explore what that was like for me.
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