Dr. Elisa Rush Port Elisa Port, MD, FACS is a renowned breast surgeon who joined Mount Sinai as Chief of Breast Surgery and Co-Director of the Dubin Breast Center. Dr. Port is one of the busiest breast surgeons in New York State, performing hundreds of operations each year and is a leading expert in sentinel-node biopsy. Her research has been widely published in numerous journals, including the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, Annals of Surgery, and Cancer Research.
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On Mammograms and Their Value: A Breast Surgeon Weighs In

By Dr. Elisa Rush Port
When it comes to recommending yearly mammograms and affirming that mammograms save lives, let’s stop getting hung up on technicalities. Let’s stop re-crunching the numbers until they give us a different answer, and accept what the data demonstrates: From age 40—not age 50—yearly mammograms save lives.
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