Dianne McCutcheon Dianne McCutcheon retired from her position as division chief of technical services at the National Library of Medicine in 2010, after a 32-year career at that library and the Library of Congress. Now, having moved to San Francisco, she identifies herself as an art quilter, a world traveler, and a volunteer librarian at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, helping to organize the Mark Twain Papers.
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Filling the Friendship Gap: A Tale of Two Cities

By Dianne McCutcheon
It's hard to find friends over age 30, because adults no longer enjoy the three conditions vital to forming close bonds. That's why a national nonprofit, the Transition Network, was founded, 11 years ago—to help women "50 and forward" find friends and volunteer opportunities, build professional networks, and savor their lives "from here on."
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