Ainslie Jones Uhl Ainslie Jones Uhl is a writer and former editor who recently relocated to Southern California from North Carolina and chronicled her first West Coast year for WVFC in her series "The Compass Rose."
Emotional Health

The Compass Rose: Living Incognito

One of the more surprising perks of our relocation from North Carolina to California has been the thrill of complete anonymity. I did not think I would ever see this as a benefit, but now that I have gotten past the loneliness, I luxuriate in obscurity. I can take my morning walk without putting on lip gloss or even combing…
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The Compass Rose: View from the South Wall

The house sat facing the street, on a gentle grassy slope punctuated by liriope and ivy. The curving stone wall which graced the front boundary and each side of the driving entrance had been built over several months by Paul, a master stonemason and artist who had grown up in the Blue Ridge Mountains; Paul knew instinctively how to take…
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