April began with a flourish in the blogosphere, with an interview with Julia Roberts, the wicked stepmother; Farai Chideya’s take on “mid-life crisis”; and a vaginal secret Eve Ensler never told us about.

  • Like most writers, WVFC’s Roz Warren has a love-hate relationship with the Internet, as well as the “other” Internet known as Facebook: How’s a writer to get paid? At humor site The Yellow Ham, Roz and Liz Lowe share one idea: “I’ve decided to go ahead and institute my own membership structure and allow my Facebook friends to pay me directly via Paypal,” she writes—offering, as a reward for appropriate payment, “a lovely ‘Facebook Friend Certificate of Authenticity’ adorned with faux gold flecks.” Lowe and Warren also provide an orientation questionnaire: “Your knee-jerk response to an online survey is just as important as carefully thinking through any issue. True or False?” and  “Isn’t it true that the ability to view cute baby animals 24/7 is the activity toward which all of civilization has been progressing?” Click over to read the rest, and to see what you can do to earn one of those prized certificates.
  • Journalist/novelist Farai Chideya zeroes in on the mid-life crisis, which sounds a lot like what WVFC calls reinvention: “This phase of life is something my peers and I are puzzling through, bit by bit,” she writes. “It includes: death of your elders; once in while, your peers; and sometimes, shockingly, even your juniors. Plus: career and vocational crises; financial reversals; love’s labor’s lost . . . and paradise regained. To the extent that I’ve made peace with this process . . . it’s because I’ve made peace with aspects of myself both admirable and problematic, weak and strong.” Click over for more, and join us in thanking Farai for tagging the post “JHR,” for Jurassic Hipster Report—officially our favorite new meme.
  • We’ve often admired Liz Scherer’s Flashfree for its news updates and musings on matters menopausal.  And sometimes Liz, like us, goes for the giggle: “A 600-year old Korean remedy better known as “chai-yok” is suddenly taking hold in spas in the West,” she writes. “The practice, which entails an infusion of 15 or so herbs into a pot of water, over which a woman sits on an open seated stool, is believed to maintain uterine health, rid the body of toxins and even promote fertility.” Who wouldn’t want a medical reason to go to the wet sauna? However, Scherer cautions, “despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary, there is nothing to suggest that steaming [down there]  is going to yield much benefit beyond cleansing, improving circulation and an overall good feeling (if that’s your thing).” 
  • If you thought you’d bookmarked enough style+history sites, you haven’t checked out Mid-Century Folio, the new online magazine founded by Tally Caldwell. And WVFC’s Stacia Friedman shines in the debut issue’s inaugural “Losing My Head at the Movies.” The Head in question is Hollywood’s perhaps-most-legendary designer: “It’s all Edith Head’s fault. She made us believe that True Love was attainable, along with eighteen-inch waists, skirts that swirled like cotton candy and torpedo breasts . . . . She gave us the sexy tilt of Ingrid Berman’s hat in Notorious. Audrey Hepburn’s impossibly cinched waist in Sabrina. And the understated elegance of Grace Kelly’s pearls and sweater sets in Rear Window.”  We think WVFC’s fashion icons, Stacey Bewkes of Quintessence and  Eleanore Wells of The Spinsterlicious Life, will enjoy the piece, especially the  vintage video. And they might stay, as we did, to taste MCF’s equally fun squibs on fine dining, architecture, and travel.
  • LA critic Darlene Donloe gives us possible reason to see the new Julia Roberts film Mirror, Mirror, a Snow White comedy that recently opened to mixed reviews.  “With her long, brown tresses resting gently on her shoulders, the Academy Award®-winner, dressed in beige, flat shoes and a cream-colored pant suit, was in rare form,” she writes at Donloe’s Lowdown about Roberts’s pivot to self-parody.  To seal the deal, she gives us a lively Q&A, since “I recently caught up with Roberts at the Casa Del Mar hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., and asked her questions about her latest role.” Click over for more, check out the video below and let us know in comments whether you plan on checking out this snarky fairy tale.


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