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Anti-Sitting Exercises — Remedy for Modern Living

7.     Hip Circles: Stand with your feet hip distance apart and bend your knees. Place your hands on your hips and slowly circle your hips around five times in one direction, then five times the other way. Be easy and generous with the circles to help loosen your lower hips and torso.



8.     Standing Lower Back Stretch: Stand with your feet parallel and hip distance apart. Place the back of your hands on small (middle) of your lower back. Inhale deeply and start pressing against your back with your hands. Then exhale deeply and push your hips forward to stretch the front of your torso. Be careful not to arch your upper torso or head back, and allow your knees to bend as you perform the stretch. Inhale and return to straight. Exhale deeply again and repeat the stretch one more time.



9.     Hi-Knee Marches: This one really gets the blood circulating. Simply lift one knee up high as you also lift the opposite arm, then lift the other leg and arm. March this way for 20-30 seconds. Relax, drink some water, and you’re done!

Hi Knee March1Hi Knee March 2

A little calisthenics is all this is and it will revive your energy as well as counter the negative effects of sitting. Remember, set an alarm to remind you to take a break every 20 minutes and get up and move!!

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  • Roz Warren November 8, 2015 at 10:42 am

    Fabulous and easy-to-do. That lower back stretch feels wonderful. Thanks.