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Anti-Sitting Exercises — Remedy for Modern Living

5.     Torso Twists: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees a quarter of the way. Hold your arms half-way up from your sides and bend them 90 degrees at the elbow like you are holding wide handlebars. Keeping your hips and legs frozen, twist from side to side keeping your arms in the 90-degree bend. Try to do two short exhales for two twists (right and left), then two short inhales for two twists. Do twenty torso twists.

Standing Twist 1 Standing Twist 2


6.     Wall Cat Backs: Facing a wall, stand arm length away. Bend forward 90 degrees and place your hands on the wall. Push your arms and torso straight, walking your feet back so they remain right under your hips, and allow your knees to be slightly bent. First, feel your back straight from your hips to your head. Then, exhale as you curl your hips under you to round your lower back.  Inhale and lengthen your spine and hips back to a straight back. Repeat the curl and lengthen movement five times. To finish, bend your knees and step in closer to the wall to stand up straight.

Wall Cat back1

Wall Cat Back 2

Wall Cat Back 3


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  • Roz Warren November 8, 2015 at 10:42 am

    Fabulous and easy-to-do. That lower back stretch feels wonderful. Thanks.