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Anti-Sitting Exercises — Remedy for Modern Living

.3.     Foot on Chair Lunge Stretch: Stand facing a chair that is braced against a wall and can’t slide away. Put your right foot up on the seat with your knee bent, and shift forward with your hips to bring your chest toward your thigh. Feel your right hip flexor muscles get compressed in toward your body and also feel a stretch on the front left hip and upper left thigh. Hold for five full breaths, then repeat with the other leg.

Foot on Chair Lunge

4.     Side Bend Reaches from Half-Squat: Take a wide stance with your feet parallel and squat down half way. Reach your right arm up and slowly curve over to your left as you exhale. Feel the whole right side of your body stretch. Inhale and return to straight up with your torso, but keep your legs bent. Lift up your left arm and reach over to the right as you exhale. Alternate side bend reaches four times on each side.

Side Bend from Squat1Side bend from Squat 2

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  • Roz Warren November 8, 2015 at 10:42 am

    Fabulous and easy-to-do. That lower back stretch feels wonderful. Thanks.