by Laura Sillerman

Roni Bennett wants to know the later stages of aging, unadorned, as it were — gone gray and allowing herself to be recognized as where she is.

I want to experience this phase of life — getting old, aging, becoming the oldest generation, facing death –- as completely and genuinely as I experienced childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Unless I am honest -– with myself and everyone else -– about all aspects of my age, I will not know what is real and what is not.

Just a few weeks ago we wrote that we were recommitting ourselves to insisting that women be acknowledged as vital, viable, versatile and vivacious throughout their lives. For some women, particularly those who live in big cities, that means “looking our best.” And that includes embracing the ways in which the wages of age can be now erased, if not for ourselves then for others.

We know many women who look natural and gorgeous because what’s available in salons and surgical settings works for them. We know others who would look better if they would forego some of the “miracles” on the market. Roni embraces age as a stage to be faced by giving over herself to whatever happens next.

Roni is as vital, viable and vivacious as they come. And she adds to the versatility we need if we are to recognize our power — the power that comes from seeing many points of view. We salute her. Stop by our table topic, where we just happen to be talking about age and truth — who lies, why do it and what it all means.

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