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Curtain Bluff—Another Oasis for Northerners

Producer/director/writer Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, a member of the Women’s Voices Board, has had long, happy experience with this resort as an oasis from winter storms.


Curtain Bluff Resort, Antigua (3 hours, 57 minutes from New York)

1521842_10152124555383330_1261083183_nCurtain Bluff Resort (Image via)

My husband and I have visited Curtain Bluff Resort on Antigua often enough over the decades to have earned an engraved plate!  Its virtues: Start with the packing—you’ll need very little to wear during the day.  A wrap or sunshirt over a bathing suit gets you to breakfast and lunch.  Dinner goes up a notch, so that everyone looks festive and relaxed in the candlelit dining room, or down by the beach.  As unpleasant as most travel has become over the years, at least there are direct flights to Antigua from many places, including many cities in Europe, so the small hotel has an international feel. There’s a short trip from the airport, along the coast; the gate opens at the leisurely pace appropriate to island living, and you are welcomed at the front desk by folks who have been involved with Curtail Bluff for years, if not their whole lives.  You are escorted to a wonderful, unpretentious room in a cottage on the beach.  Cross-ventilation, high ceilings, and a lovely ceiling fan make air conditioning unnecessary, at least for us.  We’ve never turned it on. Waves crash below – nature’s sound machine that makes our sleep as close to the divine as it has ever been. 

This is an all-inclusive place where the owners and management also dine every night.  Note: You can’t tip, so everybody’s equal. The food and drink are top-shelf, abundant (the wine cellar, at an extra cost, is a delight for the oenophile), and graciously presented.  Water toys are yours for the taking; tennis is often a time to make new friends; the pool is quiet and far enough from the beach so that even the water aerobics classes aren’t an intrusion; the spa and gym are all you could want, unless you want frou-frou obsequiousness. And   . . . um . . . we’re going back in March!


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