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Oh, please. Don't try to tell us you wouldn't take the pen name of Diablo Cody or take a year off to experience the life of a stripper as Brook Busey-Hunt did on her way to gaining an Academy Award nomination for her screenplay of the acclaimed film, "Juno."

All right, maybe you wouldn't. But never mind. Just do whatever you do when you're celebrating and celebrate. On Sunday night, when the camera pans the audience during the announcement of the nominees for best original screenplay, three women — yes, the majority of the five nominees — will be featured. They are: Diablo Cody for "Juno"; Nancy Oliver for "Lars and the Real Girl"; and Tamara Jenkins for "The Savages."

They are three women who produced three intelligent screenplays that were turned into three intelligent films, one of which ("Juno") is being touted as the dark horse for best film.

Yes, it's a popularity contest. And yes, even those of us who are not even close to being "in the know" know that there is so much campaigning for the awards that the results just might turn out to be bought. But never mind. Critical mass means something, and three women nominated in the original screenplay category is indeed a critical mass. 

It is hoped that the time will come when we are no longer counting and no longer noticing when women are in the majority. But for now, let us pause in the silence of the movie theater and let our eyes linger on these screen writing credits.

In addition to those who have been honored by being nominated this year, these virtual credits list so many who have bravely gone before and the hopes of so many of us in the audience believing in those to come.

Ed. note: For more on the Oscars, check out Melissa Silverstein's blog, Women & Hollywood.

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  • Mary Moss Greenebaum February 22, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Soon we’ll also stop counting how few of us there are in legislatures throughout the land. How few in the Senate and the Congress. How few conductors of major symphonies (Marin Alsop? is she the only one?). Laura Sillerman got it. Brava.