Each week, The New York Times covers a single wedding beyond the basic announcement. This past Sunday, the Vows section spotlighted a wonderful love-at-midlife story that was captivating from the start: “When 16-year-old Sharon Beth Drager plopped herself down on a bench next to Wyit David Wright, an intense 17-year-old, they began a conversation that with a three-decade interruption would last nearly a lifetime.”

During their decades apart, there were marriages, children and succesful careers. But Dr. Drager, 60, a vascular surgeon, and her teenage sweetheart finally wed, at her Berkeley home, 44 years after they met. “On the mantel in the living room, where they were married, sits an old black-and-white picture of two teenagers in love,” notes the Times.

Life can throw us curves, but true love finds its course. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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