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Day after day, month after month, since Women’s Voices for Change started, readers and friends have come to this domicile to visit with Dr. Pat, asking about their nagging worries or their haunting fears. With conviction deeper than the oceans and compassion more far-reaching than the firmament, Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen has responded, calmed, reassured and cajoled.

She is a fierce angel and a crusader of a friend.

Just weeks ago she faced her 60th birthday as if it were her 16th — with joy, a sense of anticipation, and unspoken but absolute certainty that she was foxier than ever before.

We who know her realize she has been gifted with an endowment not given to many: killer cheekbones, porcelain skin that cries for the fire of her hair, an assemblage of features that are both striking and delicate at the same time. Yet we must admit that there is more to her beauty than what was naturally given, and that comes from the determination with which she exercises, the restraint with which she adjusts, the boldness with which she highlights, the willpower she embraces and the attention she gives to her faith.

In short, this is one courageous lady who doesn’t look the other way when responsibility presents itself — even the responsibility to be realistic about what age does and doesn’t do.

Would there be thousands of women whose pregnancies would have been less humane, less safe, less spiritual without Pat Allen? You bet your booties. Would there be a veritable phalanx of GYN patients who would be bereft of an advocate, a drill sergeant, a nutrition advisor, a dispenser of tough love? There would. There would also be a gaping hole of ignorance where there is the enlightenment and call to action of Women’s Voices for Change.

“It’s not about older, it’s about better,” is what we say. Dr. Pat Allen is the alpha of that. She shows us how older can be better, how wise is wickedly attractive, how the years after 40-something can be spelled “f-l-i-r-t-y someone” and how beauty is our birthright no matter the year of our birth because we all have control of its source — it is in our hearts.

We welcome 2008 raising our glasses in a toast to all of our readers and to our reason for being as well. There would be no W.V.F.C. without P.Y.A. We are living more meaningful and beautiful lives because of her, and we are proud to have her as a mentor, friend and example of how true grace can be a chosen state of mind and life.

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  • Adrian Miller January 1, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    Dare I chime in with another “hear, hear” for PYA. She kept me sane through 2 pregnancies as well as the myriad of GYN “issues” that seem to come out of left field only to be swatted away by Pat’s hands-on, take charge control of the situation. Looking forward to sharing wicked memories when we are 100.

  • Ylise Kessler January 1, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Hear Hear!
    Dr. Pat personally touched my life when the going got rough. I would like to extend a very heartfelt Thank You! for being there with kindness, wisdom, and boatloads of compassion. May 2008 bring you 100 fold the peace, joy, and comfort that you impart on others.