Going to a doctor that really understands you is an invaluable experience for anyone, particularly when you encounter an unexpected and seemingly inexplicable change in your body. When I suddenly had an “allergic” reaction to my wedding ring, I wondered if after 25 years of marriage my soma was communicating something that I was emotionally unaware of. My fingers were swelling around my ring, cracking and red. I took the ring off, “recovered” after a few days and tried again. Slipping my ring back on, I was confident that all would be fine, but it happened again, this time only worse. I almost had to go to the emergency room to have the ring excised from my finger.

I finally broke down and sought consultation. Imagine my surprise when my jeweler told me that I was one of many menopausal women who encountered the same thing: knuckle change. Just as my foot grew with each pregnancy, so did my finger shift with my shifting hormones.

I left, relieved that in fact there was no hidden message in the reaction but rather yet another growing pain as my body further matured. When I went to reclaim my resized ring, my jeweler told me that I was one of many just that week who had come in for the very same reason! Now I have even more gold securing my bond.

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