‘Tis the week of the season when we often allow the lists to dominate and permit anxiety the role of dominant feeling. More put-upon than under the spell of what we once believed to be magical, we wake with worry that we haven’t done enough and disbelief that the date is so late.

Today though, we must pause. We must stop to remember that on this day a miracle occurred in the far-off land of Kentucky. Patricia Allen was born.

Today we celebrate the ability to be in touch with courage, to understand the power of the outrageous, to believe completely in re-invention, and to be damned certain that nothing is going to put an invisibility cloak over the most powerful segment of our society—dames and ladies like us, who have an indomitable leader whose birthday deserves lights, cameras and action.

It turns out that this is the week of choosing just as this is the time of our life that gives us a choice. We choose to shout our love for this gorgeous force of a woman and to take this time of our life to make the choice to be heard.

Women’s voices sing and shout in praise of Pat Allen’s dreams and leadership today. And Women’s Voices recommits itself to her vision of all we can be for all of us and all of you. 2010 is going to be a memorable year, and we never forget that it’s Dr. Pat Allen who inspires us to make it so.

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