Breakfast this morning with the widower of a friend now nearly four years gone.  He told me he’s getting married in the fall.  Of course, I wished him well and felt grateful that he’d waited this long. Walking home I wondered about loyalty and how to manifest my continuing devotion to the woman and inspiration I miss each day.

This then is that– no names, just the facts.  A woman– so bright, so kind, so present and good– died much too young in a winter that was milder than most.  These years later it is a bright summer day and the world is still rotating on its axis.  We think we are moving on, but actually we are walking in place holding what was, carrying what is and accepting what will be.  I walk with my friend by my side and speak to her here.  There is not one new event that I would have shared with you that I don’t still share.  Even this, even this change that changes nothing and causes me to notice your presence in absence all the more.

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  • Billie Brown July 11, 2009 at 8:02 am

    What an astonishing tribute to the power of an individual across time. I feel richer for having read it. Thank you, Laura.