Women’s eNews is busy today doing its usual, ground-breaking work — covering the stories about women that the mainstream media ignores and providing women’s perspectives on public policy.

Thanks to Kristal Brent Zook of the Women’s Media Center, though, we can all pause for a moment today and appreciate how remarkable and heartening it is that Women’s eNews is in the middle of its fifth year of independent existence and growing stronger by the day.

While Women’s eNews certainly had help along the way, much of its success can be credited to the indefatigable spirit of Rita Henley Jensen, who never lost sight of her goal to create a space for women’s concerns and women’s voices in the media. Using her award-winning reporting experience and her early awareness of new technologies, Jensen turned her outrage at the mainstream media’s institutional sexism and racism into a new career and, eventually, an invaluable resource for women and for journalists.

Initially part of the NOW Legal Defense and Education fund, Women’s eNews has been independent since the start of 2002. In the past five years, it has won an astounding 26 journalism awards.

While Women’s eNews has evolved along with the web, it has never lost its focus and its substance:

Jensen says that the heart of Women’s eNews lies in its solid allegiance to journalism. “This is not home videos posted to YouTube, however valuable that may be. There has to be a time when
facts become important. I always think that the facts are on our side.”


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