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Did you see the front page of The New York Times today? In the upper left, a three-column photo of Cho Seung-Hui, a young man, overcome by demons. He glowers at the camera and aims two guns at viewers. He used those guns on a killing spree at Virginia Tech. Known in the community to be mentally ill, hostile, a danger to himself and others, he bought the guns without any trouble at local shops.

Below the fold, four-columns wide — a photo of the carnage yesterday in Baghdad. At least 171 dead, countless others wounded.

And in the upper right — the portrait of Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, with a three-column story. Justice Kennedy joined in the majority opinion that might well be the death knell for women’s reproductive rights.

We make guns available, and we turn our backs on mass murder — but we can’t be bothered with protecting a pregnant woman’s health.

Three different stories; one common theme. The politicians are not watching out for us. They do their business based on hidden agendas that make no sense for the common good.

We found much online today — good writing and good resources — that addresses some of these issues. Take a look at the links after the jump, and find a way, or ways, to make your voice heard and to ensure that our health and our lives are not put in further jeopardy.

RH Reality Check, Emily’s List, Center for Reproductive Rights, Federal Abortion Ban

For more on the medical and political fall-out of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, read the transcript of an online Q&A with Washington Post Supreme Court reporter Robert Barnes.

Miscarriage of Justice: "While Justice Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion, claims that the ‘act expresses respect for the dignity of human life,’ the decision expressly devalues the women who give that life," writes Lynn Paltrow, executive director of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women.

Father Knows Best: "Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion is less about the scope of abortion regulation than an announcement of an astonishing new test: Hereinafter, on the morally and legally thorny question of abortion, the proposed rule should be weighed against the gauzy sensitivities of that iconic literary creature: the Inconstant Female," writes Slate’s legal analyst, Dahlia Lithwick.

Partial Truth Decision: The Supreme Court decision, notes Gloria Feldt, is "built upon the counterfeit foundation of a made-up term that the media accepted and used uncritically…"

The Tale of Two Columnists: "Both Bob Herbert and David Brooks have written about the VT massacre in today’s New York Times columns. Comparing the two pieces is a fascinating exercise," writes Echidne of the Snakes. (See also: The Oscar For The Best Supporting Role Goes To …)

Endless Gun Violence: "But any politician, Democrat or Republican, who votes against gun control and supports the National Rifle Association’s relentless lobbying effort against any restraint on gun ownership, is acting hypocritically in voicing sympathy for the relatives of people who lose their lives to gun violence," writes columnist Bonnie Erbe (also see her blog post at U.S News & World Report).

What I Think About Guns: Jane Smiley’s commentary at Huffington Post has received more than 500 comments so far. Check it out.

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    Insightful post and interesting links. Since few days there is only a couple of topic you can see every where one is about VT Tragedy and other about gun violence…and today I have seen the topic of”Restrictions Over Abortions”
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