Kathleen Parker, who writes a twice-weekly opinion column for The Washington Post, recently offered this observation about the coming blockbuster starring Russell Crowe:

There’s nothing quite so helpful as a fatwa and threats of a Christian boycott to create buzz in advance of a new movie.

She goes on to offer a pre-review of the film, including this paragraph:

This is all to say, the film is art, neither executed nor to be taken literally. And who are these experts who know precisely what the Bible’s authors intended? Among other criticisms are the implications that evolution and creation might be mutually inclusive and that man and beast are equal in the eyes of the Creator.  Noah and his family are vegetarian and demonstrate respect for the Earth’s fragile balance.

One thing seems certain:  The flood of opinions about Noah is going to continue for many days to come.

Why a fatwah? Why a boycott? Read more.


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