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Father’s Day: Requiem for an Ordinary Man

By Linda J. Heller
For years I felt resentful that my dad seemed to relate better to the little 6-year-old in the tutu than to his grown-up daughter with opinions and dreams he obviously considered ridiculous and out of reach. But given his personal history, I think that I now understand.
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Poetry Sunday: “En Route to Bolinas, A Rose,” by Brenda Hillman

By Rebecca Foust
“En Route to Bolinas, A Rose” takes us on a journey that is spiritual as well as physical that leads us to the edge of a precipice, offering a glimpse into the darkness and mystery of the terrible eternal. That it does this by mimicking the action of human thought in a poem that feels light, vivid, and as fresh as a watercolor still on the easel to dry, is its genius.
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Film & Television

So Many Happy Endings at ‘Downton Abbey’

By Alexandra MacAaron
By Alexandra MacAaron

All right, ladies. Please pour yourself a cup of tea, select a cucumber sandwich, take out an exquisite sheet of your most formal stationery and your favorite fountain pen. It’s time we all wrote a heartfelt “thank you” note to Julian Fellowes.

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