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Holiday Shopping: Creative and Thoughtful Gifts Under $25.

While many of us are blessed this season, we also know that many are facing tough financial challenges. Our country is still grappling with major problems: poverty, paycheck-to-paycheck living, underemployment, unemployment, and income inequality.

During the Christmas season, particularly as the holidays have become more and more commercialized, the financial stress of gift-giving can eclipse the joy of it. For those of us who are on strict budgets this season, or those seeking to steer clear of a culture of excess and consumerism during the holidays, or those who want to try something different this year, or those who  believe in the beauty of simplicity, we asked our Women’s Voices family to create a collection of Five Gifts Under $25. The gifts they came up with are thoughtful, creative, affordable, and—most important—from the heart.


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Teavana PerfecTea Maker—A beautiful and simple vessel to enjoy tea and witness the tea leaves as they brew. $19.95 at Teavana

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city map glass

City Map Glasses—Here’s a modern glass etched with a snippet of a favorite city’s distinct grid. The intricate city maps are interspersed with street names and sights worth seeing, and along the side of the glass are the geographic coordinates so one can raise a toast to the memory of an unforgettable urban destination or the city your loved one calls home. $12.50 at Uncommon Goods.

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Saddle Leather Monogrammed Eye Glass Case—Compact and stylish, this chocolate leather eyeglass case has a decidedly vintage look and feel, and also keeps favorite eyewear protected. $24.50 at Pottery Barn.



Women in Clothes—A book unlike any other. It is essentially a conversation among hundreds of women of all nationalities—famous, anonymous, religious, secular, married, single, young, old—on the subject of clothing and how the garments we put on every day define and shape our lives. $18.98 on Amazon.

Bonus: Click here to purchase on Proceeds from your purchase help fund Women’s Voices nonprofit mission.




Stone Boxes—Set in soapstone, these boxes,  inspired by an object found in India, are just right for storing away small knickknacks while keeping a desk or vanity looking neat. $14 at West Elm.

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  • Anonymous December 5, 2014 at 9:45 am

    Great gift ideas