Last week we looked back at 2011,  the high points and the low. Now, facing the clean slate of a new year, we asked our WVFC crew for some educated guesses as to what 2012 will bring.

Janet Golden
I’ll be watching to see, as changes unfold in the Middle East, whether women come into the positions of authority they earned through their sacrifices in this effort. If past is prologue, I think I’ll be disappointed.

Diane Vacca
I am so glad that Occupy Wall Street has finally focused the nation’s attention on the huge disparity between the incomes of the one percent and everyone else. Forty-eight percent of Americans now live below the poverty line or hover close to it. Moneyed interests, beginning with campaign financing, distort and destroy democracy. The convoluted complexity of the tax code is a prime example of the power of money to carve out exemptions and loopholes that subvert the intent of the law. I hope OWS will lead in 2012 to an awareness of the need to reform a political system ruled by Wall Street and corporate America.

Patricia Spears Jones
I would hope that in 2012, the Tea Party folk in Congress find themselves packing up their offices and returning to their communities. And I hope that the anti-labor people find themselves joining their Tea Party friends. I say to Occupy Wall Street people: involve yourselves in electoral politics or see the movement’s ideas go the way of the19th-century populists.They made a lot of noise and left few policies behind.

And here’s the word on the fashion front.

Eleanore Wells
In 2012, I’m keeping my eye out for more of “wear whatever you want.” I’m hoping not to see another TV fashion segment claiming that “X is the new black.” The fashion trend in 2012 should be to have no fashion trends. Every woman should choose to wear whatever suits her. Whatever she wants! It’ll be fine.

Readers: Anything to add? Let us know in the Comments below. –Ed.

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