“She Talks” A New Docu-Series from ABC on Women Entrepreneurs


This Fall season, ABC has launched a new digital series “She Talks.” And, with Season 1 already available to stream online, it’s a wonderful new addition to the channel’s lineup.

“She Talks” is a docu-series that profiles women entrepreneurs who share their stories about sacrifice and success after striking out on their own, including Alli Webb, founder of DryBar; Wendi Levy and Kim Etheridge, co founders of Mixed Chicks; Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker, co-founders of Sugar Paper; and Zhena Muzyka, founder of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. These real-life women entrepreneurs share the sacrifices and triumphs of striking out on their own. In intimate and fun interviews, they share what it takes to be successful: be smart, work hard and above all be fearless. They also share their vulnerabilities, where they stumbled and failed in building their endeavors, and how they learned from those challenges.

As television viewing continues to grow on mobile and online platforms (and decline on traditional TV), we hope to see more of these kinds of shows geared toward working women as ABC continues to boost its digital-exclusive originals lineup on its apps and website.





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