Poetry Sunday: “Prepositional,” by Lorna Knowles Blake

By Rebecca Foust
“Prepositional” speaks of a long relationship between the speaker and her beloved and examines the stability of their unit (“us”) against (in relation to) the larger backdrop of history and the even larger backdrop of nature and time, creating a truly unique and universal valentine.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By Women's Voices For Change
Today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, millions of people are taking part in service projects to honor King’s legacy and his message of nonviolence and social justice. Over the years, the women's voices featured on our site have authored powerful essays and articles on civil rights, combating racism, and tributes directly related to Martin Luther King, Jr. and the values he stood for.
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Emotional Health

Hope for A New Year

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.
Often, taking action even if you don’t feel hopeful can enhance your optimism. Any step toward a goal, no matter how small, can feel like progress, and is important for people to stop and appreciate the baby steps if they are going to continue in the right direction.
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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
This year I resolve to focus less on my personal needs and development. I resolve, instead, to work to make the lives of those who have so little, better.   The weather has been bitterly cold in the Northeast. To be precise, Accuweather.com described it as “brutal cold.” We left the city on Friday after my office hours were completed…
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