Menopause is Never Old News

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
A frank discussion about making the right choices in the menopausal transition and the belief that management of symptoms is certainly possible are great life lessons that mothers can give their daughters.
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Rebellious Women: A Labor Day Toast

By Deborah Harkins
The bravery of our foremothers is too often unsung. On this, our national day off, won for us in 1894, we toast the heroines who took to the ramparts to help end the era of starvation wages and 60-hour workweeks.
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Yes, Illness is a Feminist Issue

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.
When women complain of pain and/or illness we are less likely to be taken seriously than when men do. Consequently, many illnesses have been slow to gain medical attention, especially those whose victims are mostly women.
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Divorce & Widowhood

On Becoming An Elder Stateswoman of Grief

By Esther Rosenfeld
Writing helped me to understand what I was feeling. At first it was a lament: I gave free voice to the turmoil, grief, anger, and fear. Writing this way, without restraint, helped me experience the depth of my loss. And from that deep despair I was able to accept and begin the slow transition to my new life as a widow, and to explore what that was like for me.
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