The March 22 Google Doodle Celebrates Agnes Martin

Going to Google Groggy is nothing unusual for busy women.  On Saturday, March 22, Google shook us out of our expectations, greeting us with a pale rectangle over the search box. 

What was this?

Ah, something sublime:  A tribute to the holy woman of minimalist art, Agnes Martin, who died in 2004 at the age of 92. 

That Google chose to note that March 22 was the birthday of a woman who lived to old age and noted that “the best things happen to you when you are old” is a reminder to keep an open mind.  Many of us think of Google as a gaggle of the young with devices in hand and attention elsewhere—people who probably believe the best things are yet to be.

Martin, on the other hand, believed that the most important things already were.  She expressed it this way, “My paintings are not about what is seen.  They are about what is known forever in the mind.”

One of the great rides into the mind of a down-to-earth genius is this interview with Agnes Martin in 1997.  You shouldn’t miss it.


How lovely to be surprised by Google’s tribute to someone who believed in innate and timeless wisdom and the ability of art to express it.  This tribute reframed, at least a little, how we feel about the search engine behemoth’s presence in our day-to-day lives.