Dr. Pat Consults: Egg Freezing and Your Future Pregnancy—What Women Need to Know oocyte

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

“Egg freezing” or oocyte cryopreservation has reduced the pressure on women to have children during a limited reproductive time period when they may have not yet found their partner or be able to take on the responsibilities and joys of parenthood. For those women, oocyte cryopreservation offers the possibility of extending that window.

Poetry Sunday: “Father’s Day,” by Susan Browne browne_4-26-15 copy

I chose this poem for Father’s Day, not for its expression of the hearts-and-flowers sentiments we have come to so loathe. What the poem expresses is unvarnished feeling, a love between father and daughter almost anti-poetic in its expression.

Famous Fathers in Fiction 456_001

By Margery Stein

This lineup of major literary father figures starts off with Atticus Finch . . . of course.

Candids of Daddy (Snapshots Not Included) saul_in_unform

By Nancy Weber

Grow up without a camera, and your eyes—and ears, nose, and sense of taste and touch—record what’s imperative to save. I’m grateful for the secret album in my mind, its images sharp and bright, miraculously impervious to the blight of memory loss that robs of me of names and birth dates.

The House-Finch Dilemma 14005658457_0f53ee2a95_z

By Molly Fisk

My grandmother carried my family’s conviction that there wasn’t going to be enough love, so you had to use it sparingly, and this turns out to be wrong. There’s plenty of love, and using it creates more of it.

Fitness Saturday: Developing a Strong Core with the Hollow Rock Exercise IMG_0417

By Cassidy Watton

The core exercise I would like to share—the Hollow Rock—is not fancy or flashy; it just works. It is not just for show, it’s also for function.

Fashion Friday: The Summer Statement Necklace MH51N007__PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200--LQDCLRWFNCYCUTHWLITETURQ-938384158

In this week’s Fashion Friday, we’re sharing with you our best picks for the bold, eye-catching summer statement necklace that adds a splash of color to your outfits, shows a bit of bling, and glams you up for the summer parties.

Father’s Day: Words, Words, Words Some Last Questions79x561993

By Grace Graupe-Pillard

After his massive stroke, my father sat in his wheelchair, frantically scribbling in a notebook. Utterly frustrated, he scratched out on crumpled, stained paper: I USED TO BE O.K. . . . I AM A RETIRED ARCHITECT. Witnessing this encounter, I felt ineffable heartbreak

Alcoholism: A Legacy of Grief and Anger (Dr. Ford on Emotional Health) ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Early widowhood presents unique challenges, and Paula Licata’s portrait of her last years with Robert is about the especially horrific challenge of being the surviving spouse of an alcoholic.

Father’s Day: The Yarn-Spinner 8364190593_b4c39d1535_z

By Judie Rae

The tears start, spilling over one by one onto my son’s silken baby hair. I am crying for the man I never knew, for the family that protected him even from himself.

The Wednesday Five: Fathers in Film

In this week’s Wednesday Five we share with you five iconic films featuring fathers of the big screen. Gather the family together for these beautiful stories about fatherhood and strong father figures whose children are at the center of their lives.

Father’s Day: Let Us Now Praise Steadfast Men 3.Dad-Me Hackensack 1950

By Diane Dettmann

My father, Harold Elleson, had all the virtues expected of a husband and father in Minnesota in the 1940s: he was loving, steadfast, dependable, faithful. His was a hard-luck life, and, like Minnesota fathers back then, he shouldered his burdens without complaint.

Mike Brady—Small-Screen Father, Big-Time Dad The Brady Bunch

By Alexandra MacAaron

When I introduced “The Partridge Family” and “The Brady Bunch” to my millennial daughter several years ago, it was “The Brady Bunch” that stuck. After 40 years, “The Partridge Family” just didn’t hold up.

What did the Bradys have that the Partridges didn’t? A dad.

Gastrointestinal Bugs, and How to Keep Them from Spoiling Your Vacation irritable-bowel-syndrome

By Brian Landzberg, M.D.

A gastroenterologist’s advice on how to prevent being attacked by one of those GI “bugs” that are notorious for making you miserable at home or abroad.

Poetry Sunday: “The Goods,” by Michelle Bitting Bitting_4-20-15 copy

“The Goods” truly delivers what its title promises, celebrating desire and “corporeal feelings”—what is felt, heard, tasted, smelt, and seen by the body evoked in delightful word pairings like “love-weariness” and “kiss-quest.”