Female Cadets at West Point Are Now Required to Box (In the News)

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point in New York State first admitted women — 119 female cadets — in 1976. While those women and the ones who followed have undergone rigorous training, the requirements for women were modified so they didn’t have to do everything that male cadets did.

The Wednesday Five: Best Moments for Women at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Sunday’s 68th Annual Emmy Awards featured beautiful and groundbreaking moments for women in Hollywood. Here are our top five favorites of some of the best speeches and notable moments in the Awards.

Ro’s Recipes: Catalan Culinary Entertainment chipotle-shrimp-potatoes-w-paprika-honey-glaze

Originally the term tapa “top” referenced the little piece of bread placed on a glass of wine sampled in a bodega (wine cellar). On the piece of bread might be a shrimp or piece of cheese. Then tapas developed into small plates eaten around a small high table between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.

Vikander and Weisz Shine Brightly in ‘The Light Between Oceans’ the-light-between-oceans

By Alexandra MacAaron

Director Derek Cianfrance is clearly invested in his material (he wrote the screenplay himself, based on the very successful first novel of M.L. Stedman). And, his sweeping vistas of the island and the surrounding waters take your breath away. He has also pulled very strong performances out of his fine cast (especially from Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz).

“She Talks” A New Docu-Series from ABC on Women Entrepreneurs untitled

“She Talks” is a docu-series that profiles women entrepreneurs who share their stories about sacrifice and success after striking out on their own.

Recognizing Borderline Personality Disorder and Seeking Treatment 14770821388_116e1b7dbc_k

By Megan Riddle, M.D. Ph.D.

While we used to consider borderline personality disorder to be a diagnosis that lasted a lifetime, we now know that symptoms can wax and wane and go into remission, just like with other illnesses. But certain aspects tend to be less likely to change, like difficulties with relationships, thus emphasizing the importance of therapy to work on these and other aspects of this disorder.

Northern California Women Making a Difference dsc01600

By Judie Rae

Meaningful work? What is that exactly? Ask 10 different women their definition and you’ll receive 10 different answers. For women who have retired, however, and have raised their families, the question takes on an alternate meaning.

Poetry Sunday: ‘Word Pond,’ by Susan Kolodny Susan Kolodny book cover_after the firestorm_12-12-15

The relationship between memory retrieval and creativity is explored in “Word Pond,” whose 16 lines are characteristic of Susan Kolodny’s poetry in their taut suspension of few sharply drawn images such as the mossy pond and the broken watch.

Molly Fisk: The Opposite of Writing Photo by Flickr user Carla de Souza Campos (Creative Commons License)

One of the characteristics of being a writer is that you work almost always alone. In a book’s publication stage there may be editors, copy editors, agents, first readers, second readers, and writers with more renown giving you blurbs for your cover. But for the first 99% of a book’s life, you’re in charge. There are great advantages to this, but if you’re a somewhat social person, it can get kind of lonely.

Fitness Saturday: Two Ways to Stretch the Large Muscles of the Legs Jonathan for web

This is another post in our series of Fitness Saturday exercises, workouts, and expert tips appropriate to women in the second half of life. Jonathan Urla, a certified advanced health and fitness specialist, shares two ways to stretch the large muscles of the legs.

Women Describe ‘Toxic Environment’ at Apple (In the News)

It comes as a surprise that a dozen female employees and former employees are saying that the company has a “toxic environment” for women.

Fashion Friday: Chiara Boni Spring 2017 Collection at New York Fashion Week

This week, Women’s Voices was front row as Chiara Boni unveiled its Spring 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week. As a whole, Chiara Boni’s designs are synonymous with elegance and timelessness. The hashtag emerging from this week’s unveiling added a new descriptor, #LadyLike.

How to Have a Happy ‘New Year’ ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

For many adults, the fall does not bring a new year but the same year as the last. But as the bite of fall hits the air, that sense of renewal is still detectable, and with a little encouragement, we can capitalize on it to make positive changes. And the one wish that seems to underlie most people’s goals is to be happier.

A Librarian Thinks About Censorship mquvp1_3opcopbsnvvy_6am_fhkk0cndz-iy2obknnsqjlsvwhhglz41ba07-bw0z0hbm_2_u1tdzdeol6j68mus6bhqmr9ufdpr-jitgkfzzwxwuey

By Roz Warren

I am now, like most librarians, an absolutist when it comes to defacing library property. You can do whatever you like to your personal copy of a book. You can annotate it, highlight it, cross out the parts you don’t like or cut it up for art. But leave library books alone. And yet, there are librarians who deface library books themselves!

The Wednesday Five untitled

In this week’s Wednesday Five: Camilla Engstrom’s Cartoons Go Out To All The Women Who’ve Endured Bad Sex; Are Corporate Expense Policies Biased Against Women?; Films at the Toronto Film Festival Address Shifting Conversations on Rape and Sexual Assault; The Feminist Pins You Need for Your Fall Jacket; and from the Women’s Voices Archives: ‘The Male Muse, Depicted by Women.’