Poetry Sunday: Modified Rapture millay

“Sonnet IV,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, takes a rather jaundiced view of passion.

Molly Fisk: There’s a Third Place for Us 3801105597_04b9daf3fa_z

By Molly Fisk

A third place is where you catch up with your community—get the latest gossip, find someone to buy your pickup, or maybe even foment a little rebellion. Everyone knows you won’t be there on Thursdays because that’s the night you play poker with your mom at the rest home

Fitness Saturday: The Side-Lying Leg Lift

By Brooke Marrone

This week’s exercise, the Side-Lying Leg Lift, is one of my favorite go-to moves; it was recently named one of the very best thigh-toning exercises by the American Council on Exercise.

Fashion Friday: Winter Gear—The Cozy Edition _9843588

We’ve gathered some luxurious ideas for winter-weather gear that will provide warmth, style, and lots of cozy luxury during these unusually frigid days.

Live-Blogging the Oscars! Join Us! 010913_OscarsLogoABC

It’s time for THE red carpet of the award season, competing predictions, and some good laughter. We’ve made a tradition, at WVFC, of live-blogging the awards ceremonies as they happen, to cheer on our favorites and dish about the absurdities.

Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: Loving the Emotionally Distant Man 11860969644_a158c910df_z

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

“You have to ask yourself how much you are willing to bend, or tolerate, to be with this man,” the psychologist notes. “Loving someone inherently requires us to accept his or her flaws, but when the flaw is in the very realm of loving itself, it can be impossible to maintain your connection to the other.”

Wednesday 5: Women of Integrity Walker-Chisholm-Wells-550

This week: appalling laws against women in 44 countries; Glamour magazine profiles 16 women who are changing the world for the better; recognizing the legacy of women during Black History Month; groundbreaking women in aviation and space; and a study reports that the percentage of women coaching college women’s teams is on a steep decline.

Jenny Burton: “Singing is the Best of Who I Am” ALBUM COVER

By Alexandra MacAaron

Jenny Burton’s new album includes soaring inspirational anthems that seamlessly blend the spiritual with R&B, Motown, and musical theater. “I want to stand up with all my life experiences and put it into songs and put it on that stage,” she says. “I want to let it go out and help heal, give clarity and joy.”

Merry Presidents’ Day! George Washington as featured on the U.S. Dollar.

By Carla Baranauckas

Would we think of/appreciate Presidents’ Day differently if the United States had or will have a woman as president?

Eating for Heart Health 6877886245_3a0e1f2a15_z

By Stephanie Middleberg, MS, RD, CDN

Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg discusses the changing guidelines in food recommendations for the prevention of heart disease (February is American Heart Month).

Poetry Sunday: Presidents’ Day Weekend Walt Whitman, 1887

What is most striking about our featuring two male poets two weeks in a row is that we are presenting them because of their understanding and celebration of women.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse or Repel an Irate Library Patron 512zxER0UZL

By Roz Warren

In the wake of a major disaster or calamity, promises “The Survival Handbook,” you’ll . . . know how to make a radio antenna with a Slinky, revive a dead car battery with aspirin, and start a fire with potato chips.

Molly Fisk: Kissprints Under the Snow 3206749751_fac915abb2_z

By Molly Fisk

When I’m single on Valentine’s Day, I am sometimes tempted to drive strategically through a puddle close to the curb as a happy-looking couple is strolling by, in order to douse them. I know this is not adult behavior, but there you have it.

Fitness Saturday: The Step-Up

By Brooke Marrone

We continue to celebrate American Heart Month with our exercise of the week, the Step-Up! This fantastic, functional exercise is great for increasing strength and stability in your lower body and improving your heart health.

Go Red: Valentine’s Day Gift to Myself large

Follow your heart this Valentine’s Day and be generous to your truest love—yourself! We’ve curated a selection of red-inspired accessories from some trendsetters in luxury and decadence —Verdura, Valentino, Louboutin, and others.