Veteran’s Day Talk Topic: Dawn Seymour of the Flying Fortresses Image from Twitter/TheMoth

Now 97, Dawn Seymour was a pioneer American female military pilot. Indeed, she was one of the “lucky 13″ women who flew the B-17 as a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Service during World War II.

Dr. Pat Consults: Abnormal Heart Rhythm—Stay Alert for the Symptoms! cornell

By Timothy C. Dutta, M.D.

Dr. Timothy C. Dutta, the cardiology expert on the Medical Advisory Board of Women’s Voices for Change, answers the questions of a very healthy yoga teacher who suddenly found herself in the emergency room due to a condition she’d never suspected she had: atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm).

Poetry Sunday: Making Amends to Our Bodies ke pr photo by Phillippe

In “Amends to Parts of the Body,” Kathy Engel reminds us that while we are often so generous to the women-soldiers in our lives, encouraging them to be kind and gentle to themselves and to their bodies, we often neglect to offer that same comfort and kindness to our own bodies.

The World According to Weber: Render unto Sneezers . . . Illustration by Sheila Phalon.

By Nancy Weber

How to handle the compulsion to say something in response to a sneeze? It’s so ancient and pervasive an impulse that the Internet runneth over with folklore and theory: Your heart stops when you sneeze; the devil flies up your nostrils . . .

Fashion Profiles: Janet Hill Talbert Janet Hill Talbert

Many of “Women’s Voices” readers have begged to know more about the jewelry designer Janet Hill Talbert and her line, On This Rock Jewelry. Here, we share with you her story and our favorite picks from her collection.

Today’s Talk Topic: Squealing Like a Schoolgirl

Who’d have believed that the insult girl (as in “You throw like a girl,” “You run like a girl,” or—the worst—“You’re a girl”) would ever have serious consequences for the taunter?

On Emotional Health: The Need to Say Goodbye 14339473020_f52d762211_z

By Rev. Elizabeth Zarelli Turner

I often have to tell the loved ones of those who are dying to assure their dying loved one that they will be fine. I have been astonished by the human capacity to delay death until the assurances have been spoken.

The Wednesday 5: In Our Own Skin The Seams

Meaghan Ramsey shares “Why Thinking You’re Ugly Is Bad for You” in her TED Talk; a video project asks us to reflect on when we last felt comfortable in our own skin; The SEAMS moves on to the world of podcasts; the uplifting history (all puns intended) of the bra; a beautiful story of a photographer’s promise to an Indian girl.

Book Review: Sonia Sotomayor—Too Flamboyant for the Supreme Court? Sonia_Sotomayor_on_second_day_of_confirmation_hearings

By Diane Vacca

Because of her ethnicity, Sonia Sotomayor was automatically stigmatized. In addition, her innate extroversion was amplified by the exuberance of Latin culture, and this too was held against her, even when she became a Supreme Court justice. Her propensities for fire-engine-red nail polish, unruly hair, and “flashy” jewelry were singled out by the news media as markers of her otherness.

Medical Monday: Sleep Deprivation and the Gift of Early-Morning Light

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

Sleep deprivation—whether missing a night’s sleep or getting less sleep on a nightly basis than one needs—impairs attention, working memory, long-term memory, and decision-making. If sleep deprivation is a long-term issue, people are at a higher risk for hypertension, heart attack and stroke, obesity, and psychiatric illness.

Poetry Sunday: The Other Side of Pamela Ahlen Patricia Ahlen

Last week we published the portrait of a poet devotedly simplifying someone else’s life with “Cleaning Out M’s Garage,” by Pamela Ahlen. This week we offer her take on what collecting means.

Molly Fisk: On Spending Daylight 5155961682_007a5346bf_z

By Molly Fisk

Having the sun come up again so early throws my nervous system back into midsummer. Even though the woodstove is warm and there’s frost on my office roof, I’m awash in early-August optimism.

Today Is World Vegan Day. So Why Aren’t I a Vegan? 14746024034_730b552c4f_z

By Roz Warren

You wake up in the morning and vow: Today is the day! I’m really going to do this thing. You stay Plant Strong, Just Saying No to the many non-vegan choices that are offered to you. Then, one too-tempting nibble of this or tiny taste of that and—bam!—you’re merely a vegetarian. Or, worse, a carnivore.

The Art of Fashion: Must-See Exhibits This Season holly-golightly1

Now that we’ve equipped you from head to toe with the proper fall attire—the Fall Boot, the Fall Coat, and the Red Shoe—and added to your Fall Fashion Book List, it’s time sto venture outdoors all geared up and ready to investigate the incredible lineup of must-see exhibits for the season.

On Emotional Health: I Was Not the Mother They Expected 2311082825_800aec7c90_z

By Barbara Fertig

When I first went to work as a museum exhibit designer, I wore jumpsuits and drove a Volkswagon bus, and I remember my younger girl, then perhaps 7 or 8, saying plaintively, “Can’t we have a station wagon? Won’t you ever be a normal mother?”