Molly Fisk: Blackberry Picking 958569742_4729a8aa3b_z

When you live by yourself, you get a lot of leeway in the food department.

Fitness Saturday: Injury Prevention, 101 Jill Bench Dip 1

By Jonathan Urla, MFA

Take some time to be sensible in your workouts. Never sacrifice good form for more intensity. People get injured when doing exercise for various reasons. Here is a list of some of the most common causes and how to avoid them during exercise.

Ro’s Recipes: Faerie Fungi—Madeira Mushrooms with Parmesan Polenta Untitled

By Ro Howe

Mushrooms are sometimes referred to as “vegetable meat” and can happily be used as alternatives for vegetarian guests. as they have a dense flavor and texture that can pair in a similar way to meat proteins and wine.

Fashion Friday: The Summer Sandal BV-AW16-Stills-111-591x739

Comfy, easy, and uncomplicated. That’s why we love our summer sandals. From flip-flops, flats, gladiator style strappies, cork sandles, wedges, and clogs, they are great for all things summer — lounging at the beach or pool, leisurely lunches, summer concerts and picnicking in the park.

‘Cool’ Theresa May, the U.K.’s Second Female Prime Minister (In the News) 440px-Theresa_May_2015

Cool. Competent. Grown up. Serious and intellectually rigorous. That’s the way Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, comes across to her constituents, according to Quartz, a “digitally native news outlet for business people.” Only one other woman—Margaret Thatcher, “the iron lady”—has held Britain’s top office.

When People Carry Guns, How Much Danger Do They Pose? ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

What has caused this escalation of gun ownership and why are people allowed to carry firearms at all?

Book Review: ‘Because of Sex’ because of sex_MECH_01.indd

By Diane Vacca

“Sadly, [Fox News commentator Gretchen] Carlson’s suit follows a time-worn pattern: supervisor propositions subordinate, subordinate refuses, supervisor makes subordinate’s life a misery.”

The Wednesday Five 37405-hi-windex

In this week’s Wednesday Five: Why advertisers don’t pay attention to women without children, Jennifer Aniston pens blistering op-ed on ‘sport-like scrutiny and body shaming,’ how the UK’s incoming female Prime Minister Theresa May voted on women’s issues, Egyptian women use social media to test roles, and a desire for self-exposure might be reducing feminism to naked navel-gazing.

Movie Review: Dreaming Big in ‘Dark Horse’ Dark-Horse-LST166284_b

By Alexandra MacAaron

After “a chance visit to the Boxing Day races in 2012,” Louise Ormond decided that she wanted to make a film about the racing world. She researched for several days, then came across the stranger-than-fiction story of Welsh racehorse Dream Alliance, an unlikely champion bred by a syndicate of average folk in the former mining town of Cefn Fforest. Ormond remembers, “I knew within seconds I’d do anything to make it into a film.”

‘Meet My [Insert Term Here]’ -1

By Amy K. Hughes

A social puzzle: How to introduce an over-50 boyfriend? Please, not “lover” (too much information) or “long-time companion” (such a parodied cliché) or (groan) “manfriend.” Has anybody come up with a non-squirm-inducing term?

Concetta Tomaino and the Healing Power of Music connie oliver and dustin

By Deborah Harkins

Who knew that music has the power to help stimulate the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s disease; help Parkinson’s patients learn to walk again; reduce blood pressure; help restore speech to a patient who has had a stroke? . . .

A Neurologist’s View of Music Therapy in Patients With Brain Trauma anerv2

Dr. Baxter Allen, a neurologist in fellowship training in the area of brain trauma, give us a description of how sound is received and incorporated in the brain. He discusses research in the area of music therapy and its ability to aid in recovery of brain injured patients.

Poetry Sunday: ‘Yellow Fields,’ by Alison Luterman Alison Luterman author photo_5-17-16

By Rebecca Foust

This week’s poem is another affirming the value of human relationship and commitment.

Molly Fisk: Jealousy Is Your Friend 8642015356_12bfbc1fca_z

Jealousy isn’t only an indicator of what to try next, it’s a wonderful fuel for action.

Breath and Bodily Housecleaning 159764580_aad7e48b27_z

If we make the habit of breathing conscious, we can start to feel how the diaphragm works and how the action of breathing affects the way we use our other core muscles.