Poetry Sunday: Poetry Matters

Every year, we come to the first Sunday in April, National Poetry Month, feeling like Mrs. Bennet—more than a little desperate to see the family secure by virtue of true love, willing to settle for marriage, and potentially guilty of promoting dalliance.

Today’s Talk Topic: CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ Misses the Point

On Sunday, March 23, the show seemed to drive down the wrong road—in a Rolls-Royce, yet.

Radical Middle-Aged Cake Acceptance: A Modest Proposal IMG_0407

By Roz Warren

Is there a scientific name for this crazy cake phobia—the terror that strikes the hearts of otherwise sane and mature women when offered a delicious dessert?

Women’s Pelvic Health Awareness Campaign

Media Planet asked Evelyn Hecht—a longtime source of expertise for our site—to discuss “The Science of Physical Therapy.” She and fellow physical therapists point out that appropriate pelvic-floor exercises can help women of any age control urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and painful intercourse.

The World According to Weber: Don’t Hate Me, but I Hope It Rains on Sunday weather

By Nancy Weber

What a dream of a forecast! At last, a Sunday that will live up to its name, Weather Underground promised when I consulted it on Thursday. So why am I steaming? Why (oh, forgive me) am I hoping for just a wee drop of rain?

Fashion Friday: The ‘Dee Hutton’ Collection, by Designer Nedenia Hutton Craig designer_left

The New York–based designer-to-watch Nedenia Hutton Craig recently unveiled the second collection of her DEE HUTTON [deehutton.com] line at the VERDURA jewelry showroom in New York City. The collection is billed as “an ode to old world craftsmanship and the intimate customer experience of sumptuous atelier salons.”

Today’s Talk Topic: The Dangerous Deception of Diet Soda

Study conclusion: Women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack . . . than women who rarely touch such drinks.

Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: A Woman Alone 02_art_of_being_woman_alone

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Making assumptions that we don’t automatically make about men, we often assume that the single woman is not single by choice: Something is amiss.

Today’s Talk Topic: Cat-Lady Power

“The cat ladies of yore may have been sad sacks, but this new breed is young, sociable and ambitious. And cats for them (us) are not signs of spinsterhood, but of independence.”

Wednesday 5: Sarah Lewis, Agnes Martin, Sari Bashi, and #readwomen2014 agnesmartin4

A cultural historian on the gift of failure; artist Agnes Martin on failure in her creative life; how the lack of mobility impacts the human spirit; a Twitter hashtag #readwomen2014 starts a global movement “to equalize the gender imbalance in our collective reading habits”; a young woman pens a letter on how a university continues to fail her after a sexual assault.

OMG! The Fragmenting of Communication

We share articles and videos that conform to our prejudices, but rarely seek out opposing views.

Days of Their Lives—Earth, Fire, Water: Jerolyn Morrison’s Dream Job JEM_cooking_Stella_Johnson_photographer

By Deborah Harkins

Jerolyn and her fellow researchers tease out the details of the ancient Minoans’ domestic life through piecing together shattered objects, chemical analysis, experiments (like cooking demonstrations), and informed speculation. “We put these deposits together very slowly, very meticulously, to form a story about an archaeological deposit that’s been excavated,” she tells us.

Terrible Tuesday: You Should Have Stayed in Bed Today 450px-Roman_statue_of_the_God_Mars,_Found_in_Blossom_Street_York_and_dates_from_the_early_4th_century,_Yorkshire_Museum,_York_(Eboracum)_(7685012364)

Who can forget “Black Monday,” October 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones average plunged 508 points? But it’s the next day that financial insiders will always remember as the true nadir. . .

Dr. Pat Consults: Eating Disorders in Midlife eating disorder 2

By Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen and Megan Riddle, Ph.D., M.S

This month—National Nutrition Month—Dr. Pat asks Megan Riddle, Ph.D., a new member of our Medical Advisory Board, how someone could open a conversation with a middle-aged colleague who is suffering from anorexia nervosa, the deadliest of all mental health disorders.

Today’s Talk Topic: What John Kellogg Meant by “Wholesome”

Mental Floss does it again: “18 Things You Never Learned in History Class” is one of its recent offerings.