Movies: ‘The Lady in Number 6’—“Music Saved My Life”

March 16, 2014 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

Her mother was taken to Treblinka and her husband to Dachau. Neither survived. Herz-Sommer and her son, Raphael, who was then 6, were among the lucky ones (if you can imagine using that phrase to talk about anyone persecuted during that period). They were taken to Theresienstadt.

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Wed 5: Best 2014 Oscar Moments for Women

March 5, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change

In this week’s Wednesday 5 we highlight five triumphant moments that we think speak to some of the very serious issues we at “Women’s Voices” tackle year round.

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This Year’s Lackluster Oscars: Some Highs and Some Lows

March 4, 2014 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

After all, there was a lot to celebrate this year: great movies, phenomenal actresses, Ellen. I was especially looking forward to Ellen.

Frankly, I was underwhelmed.

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Oscar Central: Women’s Voices’ Live Blog of the 2014 Academy Awards

March 2, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


Today is the day! It’s time for red carpets, teary speeches, and bets lost and won. We are live-blogging the Oscars tonight to cheer on our favorites and dish about the absurdities.

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Live-Blogging the Oscars! Join Us!

February 28, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


It’s time for THE red carpet of the award season, competing predictions, and some good laughter. We’ve made a tradition, at WVFC, of inviting our readers to join us in live-blogging the awards ceremonies as they happen, to cheer on our favorites and dish about the absurdities.

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Another Opening for Elaine Stritch

February 26, 2014 by Anne de Mare


In addition to the profound joy I felt in celebrating a good friend’s success, what was so moving to me was the chance to see an independent film about an independent woman celebrated and hailed as the extraordinary achievement that it is.

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The Wednesday 5, Pre-Oscar Edition

February 26, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


An Oscar-themed Wednesday Five, in which we get to rejoice that ALL actresses nominated for Best Actress category at the Oscars are in the “Women’s Voices” demographic!

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Books: The World According to Nora Ephron

February 18, 2014 by Roz Warren

Click the image above to purchase on and help fund our nonprofit mission.

By Roz Warren

Even if you‘re a long-time fan like me, there will be work in this new book that you’ve missed. I own all of Ephron’s books, but had never read her blog. I’d also missed a lot of her early reporting about politics and journalism for venues like “The New York Post” and “Esquire.”

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A Heartfelt Thank-You

February 17, 2014 by Patricia Allen

Thank You. WomensVoicesforChange

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

By participating in our Romantic Movie Survey, you opened your hearts in spades. BabyHeart will be receiving a check for $10,415 this week. Many, many babies will be spared the tragedies that accompany heart defects as a result.

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The Romantic-Movie Survey! And the Winner is . . .

February 15, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


If you want to see friends let their guard down, just ask them what one film they’d choose as the most romantic movie ever. People sigh into their reveries of certain scenes, reminisce about that look before the kiss, wax philosophical about gender and generation, and express their secret wishes for themselves.

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Love at the Movies in the 21st Century: Where Has All the Romance Gone?

February 14, 2014 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

It’s like a glass of white wine, a bubble bath, or a piece of chocolate. Sometimes you just want to go to the movies and feel good.

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Movies: Gloria—Still Sexy After All These Years

February 4, 2014 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

The wonder is that Gloria becomes truly beautiful as the movie goes on. As in real life, as we get to know her, we fall in love with her, and the way she appears to us changes.

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Day 6 Results: The Valentine’s Day Romantic Movie Survey

February 3, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


Total Romantic Movies Survey vote so far: 461. Leading: the usual suspects. Favorite new entry: “WATERLOO BRIDGE.” “It combines great romance with great female friendship.”

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Movies: ‘The Invisible Woman,’ Reviewed by Alexandra MacAaron

January 21, 2014 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

After watching the new movie “The Invisible Woman,” you may think of Charles Dickens as a heartless adulterer, a cruel egomaniac with an insatiable thirst for fame. In some ways, he emerges as a complex, and too human, villain—exactly the kind of character we find in his novels.

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Wednesday 5: Women on Screen

January 15, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


The Hollywood Reporter brings together six incredible actresses from films in 2013 in a dynamic roundtable discussion; five Oscar-worthy documentaries directed by black women filmmakers; the culture of trauma and victimization increasingly evident in Downton Abbey; an inspiring commerical by Bing on even more inspiring women; and director Jane Campion leads the Cannes 2014 jury.

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