Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: Advice for a Suffering Stepmother

March 21, 2013 by Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Cecilia Ford Ph.D

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D

I am the stepmother of a 27-year-old woman who makes life almost unbearable for me. Do you have any suggestions for intervention?

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Zou Zou’s Cupid

February 14, 2013 by Susan Lapinski

Romance in Paris

“Tonight,” Michael said, uncorking a bottle of Champagne, “we are going to see the ballet.” But first we would be together. Watching the celebratory bubbles spill into our glasses, I was suddenly as tremulous as a bride.

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My Mother’s Last Valentine

February 13, 2013 by Nancy Weber

Weber Photo 2 (2)

You’d imagine that Valentine’s Day was over-the-top between my mother and my father. No. Let cheating husbands beguile their wives with heart-shaped truffles on February 14. Instead, my parents winked at Cupid and dedicated the day to family love.

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Why No Wedding at All Is Just Fine

June 25, 2011 by Stacy Kunstel

By Stacy Kunstel

When you’re widowed, dating seriously and about to turn 40 you don’t get the “When are you getting married?” question all that often.

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My Children’s Father: The Most Moral Man I Know

June 19, 2011 by Phyllis Lombardi

By Phyllis Fanzo Lombardi

I realize what a very special man my husband is and how he never lets anything stand in the way of his truly unselfish parenting.

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