Sex, Lies and Paperwork: ‘Girlfriends Guide to Divorce,’ Season 2 Premieres Tonight

December 1, 2015 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

I thought a better title for the show would be ‘Rich White Women Whining.’ . . . But, I confess it grew on me after a couple of episodes for two important reasons: very smart writing and very strong acting.

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Crossroads: Dire Straits in the Food Emporium

February 1, 2015 by Emily Kelting


By Emily Kelting

My credit cards were declined. When a man behind me in the Food Emporium line (a fellow church member) had to step up and pay for my groceries, I knew this was my fork-in-the-road moment.

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Loving My Mother Too Late

May 9, 2013 by Jennifer Cheyne


By Jennifer Cheyne

Somehow, working two jobs, my mother—widowed at 23—raised her three girls. We had a TV set and a house in a safe neighborhood and got educations and survived long enough to hate her for all that she wasn’t.

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Reinvention Again

February 21, 2013 by Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson


By Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson.

“The first 50 years are only a warm-up.” I read that heartening declaration in a magazine article years ago—and was skeptical. But at 75, I have some perspective on that. I know it’s true.

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Zou Zou’s Cupid

February 14, 2013 by Susan Lapinski

Romance in Paris

“Tonight,” Michael said, uncorking a bottle of Champagne, “we are going to see the ballet.” But first we would be together. Watching the celebratory bubbles spill into our glasses, I was suddenly as tremulous as a bride.

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Take a Chance on Silver Romance

February 12, 2013 by Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson


Divorced at 52 after nearly 30 years of marriage, I found the transition to dating . . . awkward, at the very least. For one thing, I couldn’t begin to compete with younger women’s tight buttocks, flat stomachs, and firm breasts . . .

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Our Sisters, Ourselves: “The Power of Positive Female Connection”

January 15, 2013 by Judith A. Ross

Nothing but the Truth So Help Me God: 51 Women Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection

“Nothing but the Truth” brings together a diverse array of female voices. Consider medical anthropologist Diane Tober, who shares her experiences while conducting fieldwork at a health clinic in Iran. Tober’s assumptions about Muslim women in Iran wearing the hejâb matched my own: that it was oppressive and just one more way for men to dominate women. But, according to Tober’s friend Nargess, that just isn’t so . . .

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An Episcopal Priest Confronts Loss

December 24, 2012 by Rev. Elizabeth Zarelli Turner

I was told that one of our parishioners, Kristen, was outside in her car with her 6-year-old son. Her husband had died a few hours before, during a minor outpatient procedure. At the age of 51 he had gone into cardiac arrest, and they had not been able to revive him. Kristen wanted to bring her son by the church to talk to me because she was so afraid of saying the wrong thing about his father’s death and about heaven.

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Selling a Wedding Ring

October 16, 2012 by Roz Warren

“What should we do about Enid’s ring?” I asked my sister from time to time. One thing was certain: Neither of us was going to wear it. That would be just too weird. The last thing my sister or I wanted was to feel close to Enid, a woman we’d struggled to tolerate when she was alive.

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I Recycled My Husband

October 9, 2012 by Roz Warren

Rick wasn’t the right husband for me. Not his fault; there is no right husband for me. Although the saying goes that there’s a lid for every pot, I’m one of those women who should stay single. Neither lid nor pot, I’m more of a single-function stand-alone appliance, like an espresso maker.

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Single, Child-free, and Getting Older: Should I Be Worried?

June 7, 2012 by Eleanore Wells

As a single woman with no kids (a spinster), I am due for a pretty bleak existence as I get older, researchers tell me. I keep seeing these reports, but I never feel as if they’re talking about me. Who are these people they’re talking about?

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Social Security and the Gender Divide: The Alarming Truth

May 15, 2012 by Women's Voices For Change

“The genius of the [Social Security] system is that it has lasted so well and so long,” Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton noted recently. But the system was designed for yesterday’s workforce . . . and women are the losers.

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Manners Matter

March 12, 2012 by Women's Voices For Change

This is the second Q&A column by B. Elliott, a frequent WVFC commentator, on “doing the right thing” in our quickly evolving culture Feel free to contact Ms. Elliott at WFVC for solutions to your troublesome social problems.

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Twelve Years After: How Widowhood Actually Feels

January 26, 2010 by Michele Buchanan

I remember everything, or at least the things that matter. I remember every pore of his skin, the encysted bump he had on the back of his head, the way he looked like a droll rabbi when he steepled his fingers. I remember the smell of his skin. I remember the lopsided grin he’d get, […]

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Boomer Divorce, Bankruptcy Rates Spike; Gym Rats May Need New Hips Sooner; In Thailand, Older Women Lead Protest Movement

September 2, 2008 by Women's Voices For Change


Women Our Age Takes to the Streets….This week, many Americans first became aware of anti-government protests in Thailand. TV clips showed police using tear gas against the protesters who’d occupied government buildings since June, demanding the resignation  of the prime minister. But no TV station has yet showed the faces of who’s behind this mass […]

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