Valentine’s Day: A Little Office Romance

February 12, 2016 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

Jim likes to joke that we never had a first date. I think we had something better. After all, how many ambitious career women in the 1980s get rescued by a bona fide knight in shining armor?

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Fashion Friday: Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2016 by Women's Voices For Change


We turned to the Instagramming Women who, in their roles as their own stylists and experts of their own bodies, are putting together their own fabulous lingerie edits and sharing it with the world. As Valentine’s Day gets closer, here are our favorite Instagram posts from the past few days.

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Valentine’s Day: Learning Love

February 11, 2016 by Susan Abel Lieberman


By Susan Abel Lieberman

Ron Serrano was certainly not what my father had in mind when he thought about my marrying. I was a conventional middle-class Jewish girl, Ron the brown-skinned son of Mexican immigrants, raised Catholic.

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Dr. Ford: Should She Let Her Husband Know She No Longer Wants to Have Sex With Him?

February 11, 2016 by Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.


By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

You can let your husband know that there were too many years when you felt overwhelmed and under-supported and that the cumulative effect of that experience combined with your age has left you without desire. How he responds to your honest statement might open up the opportunity to work on some of the issues between you, which I would recommend, if you want to have a close and harmonious future.

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The Power of Young Love

February 10, 2016 by Judie Rae


By Judie Rae

Richard’s math class was the hour before mine; we shared the same room as well as the same instructor. One Valentine’s Day I found a note in my locker directing me to look out the window of the math class, where I would find my Valentine gift.

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An October Valentine

February 9, 2016 by Sylvia Metzler


By Sylvia Metzler

I always suspected that Fred’s father thought we were too young and too serious, since we had made plans to marry and depart for Africa as missionaries as soon as we grew up.

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Sex Every Day at 60

February 8, 2016 by Women's Voices For Change


I gave my husband a very unusual Valentine’s Day gift last year. I gave him . . . sex every day for a month.

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Valentine’s Day: An Intense and Tender Connection

February 8, 2016 by Grace Graupe-Pillard

Grace and Richie at a local dance.

By Grace Graupe-Pillard

First love is the most magical, deliciously exquisite, and seductive period of one’s life, when the world actually becomes luminous without the need of the sun or the moon.

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10 Tips to Managing a Long-Term Relationship

February 4, 2016 by Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.


By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

While it may seem to be humming along, a good relationship needs care, maintenance and plenty of attention if it is going to survive the long haul. Here’s a list of suggestions, many of which will be familiar to you, but which cannot be repeated often enough, on how to promote and maintain long-term happiness.

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Grandmother 911: Out of the Storybook and Into Reality

January 28, 2016 by Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.


While there are common themes in our readers’ comments, one of the most frequent is a sense of being taken advantage of. Many of you wrote to say that your children take you for granted, expecting you to babysit at a moment’s notice without taking into consideration the realities of your life circumstances.

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Movie Review: ‘The Danish Girl’ — Transexual Reality Then and Now

January 26, 2016 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

‘The Danish Girl’ is a beautiful film that reflects fine work from everyone involved. But, just as Caitlyn Jenner was criticized, justly, for joking that the hardest part of being a woman is “figuring out what to wear,” ‘The Danish Girl’ oversimplifies Lili’s transition. If all she really craves are the trappings of femininity, she is missing more than a second x-chromosome.

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New Year’s Day Resolution: Right-Sizing Life

January 1, 2016 by Patricia Allen


By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

This year The Husband and I have decided to right-size our lives. Our resolution is to right-size the way we would like to live now. We want to have a smaller apartment in the city and find a house in the country, a house that is far enough away to prevent daily commuting into New York City but close enough for long weekends by car and convenient for family and friends to join us.

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Grandchildren: Pleasures and Burdens

December 31, 2015 by Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.


By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

As a parent, you are free to make your own decisions, but when you are taking care of someone else’s children, you are expected to abide by their rules. This can be especially sticky within families, because as a caretaker you have been given responsibilities, but may not be given much of a “voice” in the decision making.

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Make New Friends . . . But Keep the Old

December 30, 2015 by Eleanore Wells


By Eleanore Wells

As the old song goes, “make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.” I’m reminded of this song often, as I navigate my new life (three months in) Down Under.

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Mourning the Passing of the F.A.O. Schwarz Flagship Store

December 27, 2015 by Susan Fier


By Susan Fier

I will miss the fantasy world that used to reside in 767 Fifth Avenue.

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