Yes, You Can Call me ‘Ma’am’!

July 8, 2014 by Eleanore Wells


By Eleanore Wells

Back then I didn’t want to be addressed as “ma’am.” “Ma’am” is a lady of 50 years or older, which technically I was, but I had a much fresher attitude . . . or so I thought.

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Dog Names

July 5, 2014 by Roz Warren


By Roz Warren

So you don’t want to give your dog an ordinary name like Fido or Spot. And you love books. So, naturally, you turn to your favorite literary classics when it’s time to name the new puppy.

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July 4 in Afton, Minnesota: Heartfelt in the Heartland

July 2, 2014 by Diane Dettmann


By Diane Dettmann

Afton, just fifteen miles east of downtown St. Paul, is a step back in time. Afton has no shopping malls, fast food restaurants, or stoplights. On a normal day it has very little traffic. Well, a traffic jam might happen if more than three cars arrive at the post office at the same time.

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Looking Backward: The Most Daring Thing I Ever Did

June 28, 2014 by Susanna Gaertner


By Susanna Gaertner

Looking back on my ‘fraidy-cat youth, I am still astonished at how calmly I undertook the preparations for this drama—and am satisfied that I colluded with my stern and humorless mother in so outrageous a prank.

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The World According to Weber: Connecting Across the Great Divides

May 29, 2014 by Nancy Weber


By Nancy Weber

The family game board permits a singular and wonderful emotional experience: You play to win, but take pleasure in the triumphs of your opponents—who are, after all, people you love.

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Prosopagnosia! I’m Face Blind. Who the Hell Are You?

May 10, 2014 by Roz Warren


By Roz Warren

I try not to assume that I know who you are until you tell me something that nails it. And because I don’t know if you’re a close friend, a sworn enemy, or a total stranger, I greet everyone with a smile.

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Decoding “Wisdom”

May 6, 2014 by Susan Lieberman

Wise Deborah, judge of the Israelites (Book of Judges, chs. 4 and 5).

By Susan Lieberman

There are lots of less than desirable things about aging, one of which is that we come closer and closer to death. But, it seems, one of the lovely things is that we get released from the grip of “ordinary.”

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Roz Reviews: “Now I See You”—Flipping the Finger at Fate

May 3, 2014 by Roz Warren

By Roz Warren

When you learn that your vision is seriously impaired and getting worse—take to the trapeze! What could possibly go wrong?

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Radical Middle-Aged Cake Acceptance: A Modest Proposal

April 5, 2014 by Roz Warren


By Roz Warren

Is there a scientific name for this crazy cake phobia—the terror that strikes the hearts of otherwise sane and mature women when offered a delicious dessert?

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The World According to Weber: Don’t Hate Me, but I Hope It Rains on Sunday

April 5, 2014 by Nancy Weber


By Nancy Weber

What a dream of a forecast! At last, a Sunday that will live up to its name, Weather Underground promised when I consulted it on Thursday. So why am I steaming? Why (oh, forgive me) am I hoping for just a wee drop of rain?

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Terrible Tuesday: You Should Have Stayed in Bed Today

April 1, 2014 by Nancy Weber


Who can forget “Black Monday,” October 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones average plunged 508 points? But it’s the next day that financial insiders will always remember as the true nadir. . .

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The ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue: Lewd in the Library

March 3, 2014 by Roz Warren

Sports Illustrated

By Roz Warren

The ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit issue just came out, and all over America, librarians are flipping through its pages and rolling their eyes.

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Minnesota, Colder than Antarctica: Winter-Coping Tips from a Native

February 28, 2014 by Diane Dettmann


By Diane Dettmann

Tip No. 7: Invest in a high-powered electric blanket. Before retiring, crank the dial to “high.” Wait two hours. Pull on your flannel pajamas and socks. Crawl under the covers. Snuggling and hot sex optional, but highly recommended.

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Books: Cartoonist Liza Donnelly’s ‘Women on Men’

February 25, 2014 by Roz Warren

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The cover art sets the tone. Just two faces, one male and one female. The woman, who is (naturally) on top, looks down at her partner, happy and confident, as he, underneath, gazes up at her, intrigued.

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What Do You Say After You Say Hello?

February 22, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


How do you like “Where do you go to church?” as a conversation-starter? Or “What high school did you go to?” Or, as in China, “What is your weight?” Or even “What are you?”

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