Favorite Summer Indulgences from Madeline Weinrib

August 14, 2015 by Women's Voices For Change


As we are now in the throes of summer, we’ve asked several accomplished women of style whom we admire to come up with their Sweet Summer Indulgences for the season. This week we invited designer Madeline Weinrib who lives and works in New York City.

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Favorite Summer Indulgences From Stacey Bewkes

July 31, 2015 by Women's Voices For Change


As we are now in the throes of summer, we’ve asked several accomplished women of style whom we admire to come up with their Sweet Summer Indulgences for the season. This week we invited Stacey Bewkes—Founder of Quintessence, a luxury lifestyle blog.

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Gifts for Our Mothers—a Personal Touch

May 8, 2015 by Women's Voices For Change


This Mother’s Day we are thinking of gifts that exemplify a personal touch, a thoughtful act, an embrace of the essence of who these women are.

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November 27, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


The scents, the songs, the family traditions, the quirky (but lovable) guests—these are life-enriching deposits in our memory banks. We asked “Women’s Voices” writers to look back over the years and share with us the Thanksgiving reflections that make them smile.

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Fashion Friday: Hostess Gifts

November 21, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


Here’s a quartet of hostess gifts guaranteed to reflect your thoughtfulness and express your gratitude for a well-executed gathering. They are all meant to give your hostess some much-deserved moments of indulgence.

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Fashion Friday: Favorite Summer Indulgences from Susan Sokol

August 22, 2014 by Women's Voices For Change


As we wrap up summer, we asked several accomplished women of style whom we admire to come up with 10 Sweet Indulgences for the season. This week our invitation went to Susan Sokol—a renowned leader in the global fashion industry.

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July 4 in Marblehead, Massachusetts: A Little Town with Big History

July 3, 2014 by Alexandra MacAaron


By Alexandra MacAaron

This town takes the celebration of the Fourth very seriously. Marblehead’s contribution to our winning the American Revolution was significant. In 1775, the town formed the 14th Continental Regiment, made up of seamen. It was Marblehead men who rowed Washington across the Delaware to the Battle of Trenton.

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July 4 in Afton, Minnesota: Heartfelt in the Heartland

July 2, 2014 by Diane Dettmann


By Diane Dettmann

Afton, just fifteen miles east of downtown St. Paul, is a step back in time. Afton has no shopping malls, fast food restaurants, or stoplights. On a normal day it has very little traffic. Well, a traffic jam might happen if more than three cars arrive at the post office at the same time.

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Spring into Summer

June 21, 2014 by Judith A. Ross


By Judith A. Ross

On the verge of summer in Massachusetts: my “Little Miss Kim” lilac arrives in a burst of grapey color and then immediately fades to white, leaving behind a trail of sweet perfume that fills the yard for days. . .

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Dr. Pat Becomes Coco: The Big Transition

February 10, 2014 by Patricia Allen


By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

There is one life-event that most women seem to look forward to with unabashed joy: the day that they become the “mother of the one who has reproduced.” But this was the Big Transition for me.

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Closing a Circle: Artifacts of an Earlier Life

February 1, 2014 by Shelley Singer

Desk. ShelleySinger

After Susan died, there remained a condominium in D.C. to clean out and a car to sell. It struck me profoundly that I was the only person who could have done this task justice.

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Enchiladas for All: Notes from a Seattle Soirée

September 10, 2013 by Toni Myers

1 soiree_2013_late_musicians_back_left_edited-1

By Toni Myers

This is my idea of party heaven, a late afternoon–evening of the world as I’d like it to be: surrounded by people special to me, musicians strolling playfully, and an endless supply of chicken enchiladas. After 15 yearly events, I’m a specialist in soirées.

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Changing Clothes In Public: The Right Dress For A Perfect Party

July 22, 2013 by Patricia Allen


By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

We had scheduled more than enough time to arrive early for a change of clothes but then a small town summer parade upended our careful timing, forcing us to take a forty-five minute detour along winding and narrow back roads. I have been in this situation many times before. Socially, I am often just a bit off in time. So, I have learned to be resourceful.

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My Mother’s Last Valentine

February 13, 2013 by Nancy Weber

Weber Photo 2 (2)

You’d imagine that Valentine’s Day was over-the-top between my mother and my father. No. Let cheating husbands beguile their wives with heart-shaped truffles on February 14. Instead, my parents winked at Cupid and dedicated the day to family love.

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Rediscovering Our Passions

November 15, 2012 by Diane Dettmann

My mother, like many ’50s wives, embraced her household jobs with vigor and pride. Every Friday she “shoveled out the camp.” She tackled the kitchen sink stains with Hilex and scouring powder, scrubbed the worn linoleum floor on her hands and knees with Spic and Span, sterilized the bathroom from floor to ceiling. For a while she continued to dabble in her painting and embroidery . . .

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