Our Mission

Women’s Voices for Change destigmatizes and redefines menopause  and celebrates the power and wisdom of women in the second half of life.

Redefining Menopause

Women’s Voices for Change extends the definition of menopause to include much more than its hormonal aspects. Too many women think of this transition as simply the end of menstruation—something that lasts a few years and brings challenges and changes with it. In reality, the menopausal transition begins in the early 40s and lasts the rest of a woman’s life. How it’s managed—mentally and physically—affects a woman’s life experience as well as what women contribute to the world in their most productive years.

This is the biggest secret that we can share with each other: The menopausal transition is not easy, but if we understand and manage it, our lives will be transformed.

One of the great myths of our time is that women over 40 just want to be younger. This is more than a myth—it’s a gross oversimplification that demeans women. And it’s a lie. What we do want is to be and feel confident, smart, beautiful, and at ease in our own bodies. Many of us are financially powerful and at the height of our careers; others are finding new opportunities for personal satisfaction. The tumult that comes from hormonal shifts, fear of the unknown, and the natural response to life transitions gives each of us the fuel for our own evolution or reinvention.

Redefining Community

Women’s Voices for Change is taking the lead in eliminating the antiquated, negative myths about who we are and replacing them with a vibrant new reality.We are creating a powerful community of women in their prime who are dedicated to making that prime a peak.

We bring together experts on all aspects of the menopause transition to share the latest information and help make this the best part of a woman’s life. Women’s Voices for Change is a not-for-profit organization. The medical information you’ll find on our website is unbiased, objective, and based on the clinical and research experience of the close to 30 doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts who volunteer as members of our Medical Advisory Board.

We know we can do it. Many of today’s menopausal women, including baby boomers, have been active in movements for women’s social, professional, and cultural equality. Others among us, just entering their 40s, experience different challenges from those of earlier generations. Together, we are using our experiences to change the perception of menopausal women in the 21st century. We celebrate the potential, the vitality, and the power of women over 40.

Redefining Choices

The menopausal transition is universal and unavoidable. Each of us will experience this part of life in our own way. Some of us will need more medical intervention during these years, others will use exercise, change in nutrition, meditation, and alternative ways to address symptoms. Each of us will make choices that are based on personal symptoms, temperament, and self evaluation. This is a time to accept the choices that others make for themselves, and to ensure our own comfort with the choices we have made for ourselves.

Women’s Voices for Change believes that this phase of life is about self-discovery, activation, and opportunity. Our goal is to create an accurate, vital portrait of who we really are and what we contribute to the world. Together, all of us share knowledge, information, stories of stress and success to empower all women.

We invite you to join us. Connect with the WVFC community, speak out on the issues that matter to you, and support our online community to make it grow. We look forward to your participation in redefining menopause for today’s woman, and the image and reality of life after 40.