On Sunday, March 31, a day of great significance in the Judeo/Christian traditions, Women’s Voices for Change passed the 2-million-page-views milestone.

Easter and Passover are seasons that speak of faith and compassion. How fitting that Sunday offered undeniable evidence of well-placed faith in our mission and in your loyalty to us and what our contributors have to say. Two million page views also adds up to an extraordinary confirmation of the importance of daily articles that underline not only the concerns but also the energy of women of our age. You come to us for content that demonstrates our shared commitment to and compassion for the varied issues and emotions—both celebratory and contemplative—of women who have left youth (but not youthfulness) to the young.

Presenting our stunning collection of gorgeously gifted writers has done for us precisely what we hoped to do for our readers. We have been challenged to grow and expand our horizons. Later this month, as spring reminds us that renewal is a promise Nature means to keep, we will talk more about our evolution from a narrowly focused, menopause-centric source to an online ’zine of substance and confidence. But for now we want to simply celebrate you and what you have given us—deep assurance that what we offer has meaning to you.

The Board of Women’s Voices for Change and its Chair, Catherine Wood, join with me to thank you, dear reader, along with our editors, all of our contributors, and our many cheerleaders for being part of this achievement.