The 4 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and Why They Matter brain gearssm

Emotional intelligence is a new and somewhat slippery concept. It helps to break it down into four main categories: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

All Hands Volunteers Pull Together With Ecuadorean Communities Alice at All Hands - Mark Whale

By Alice Pettway

When my partner and I heard about the devastating earthquake in Ecuador last spring, we knew we wanted to help. But we were also wary of throwing in with an organization that might do more harm than good. The earthquake damage was more apparent with each mile that passed—cracks in the road, rubble, half-houses spilling reminders of normal life. It was obvious how much help was needed, and we hoped that All Hands Volunteers Ecuador Earthquake Response was doing a good job. They were—and they are.

The Wednesday Five: The Body Positive Issue 440px-Kayla_Harrison_Rio_2016c

In this week’s Wednesday Five we share stories about women who are leading global movements towards embracing positive body images of themselves and their community of women. We’ve just spent the last two weeks glued to the Olympic Games in Rio, riveted at how extraordinary the human body is. And still, we are in a time where we’re inundated with photoshopped ideals of what beauty should look like and what size, shape, and color it should come in. That’s why we find these women refreshing and groundbreaking — they are creating their own definitions of what is beautiful.

Movie Review: ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ — Meryl Streep at Her Most Delicious (and Discordant) Florence1

By Alexandra MacAaron

“People may say I ‘can‘t’ sing,” Florence Foster Jenkins once said, “But no one can ever say I ‘didn’t’ sing.”

The Trunk in the Attic of Rio de Janeiro Untitled

By Ro Howe

This year’s Rio Olympics has unlocked that old trunk in the attic. And while rummaging around the skimming of tattooed-mind moments and tattered remains of memory embers, I stopped to smile at my first discovery of Brazilian food.

Ask Dr. Pat: Help! My Ob-Gyn’s Treatment Isn’t Helping My Menopause Symptoms

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

The patient-doctor relationship is part of the healing process. This relationship requires both a “a good fit” and takes time to develop. Doctors need to listen to the patient’s story and understand that not all gynecological problems are diagnosed by ordering tests or doing procedures.

Christine Brennan and Sally Jenkins Put the Ryan Lochte Scandal Into Perspective (In the News) cbrennanheadshot08

Some of the best commentary on this sorry episode — the behavior of our swimmers from the United States, led by Ryan Lochte, who apparently lied about an encounter with security guards at a gas station — has come from two women who have been covering major sports for decades: Christine Brennan of USA Today and Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post.

Poetry Sunday: ‘After the Divorce, I Hold a Yard Sale,’ by MaryAnn Corbett 418IoxlU1AL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

The real genesis of the poem was in the many yard sales typical of our neighborhood, which includes a number of rental properties and student tenants. The sight of those intimate materials of daily life displayed in all their imperfection and disorder has always given me a pang because they stand for the way our lives and loves change.

Molly Fisk: Ready for Anything? 10031453223_0fc1932595_z

Probably the same principle operates in humans about disaster planning as it does about death. Somewhere in our deepest secret heart of hearts, we can’t believe it will happen to us. This principle is why people marry more than twice, and still buy homes in Florida with a straight face.

Get Off the Beaten Path in Ecuador’s Southern Highlands Woman in Plaza - Web

By Alice Pettway

Gualaceo, a town known for its crafts just a couple of hours away from Cuenca, was the perfect antidote to the crowds. Our first sign that we’d made a successful decision was the lack of tourists on the bus.

Women Athletes — and What They Wear?

Over the course of the past two weeks at the Olympic Games in Rio, the division in the way our global media culture reports on men and women athletes has received both praise and critique. When it comes to what our women champions are wearing, aka Olympic Fashion, as they compete, the divide cannot be any clearer.

Dr. Ford: The Family Vacation 4831583015_20253574e3_z

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Ford: Our family has spent a two-week summer vacation on the farm where my husband grew up in the Midwest since our children, now 16 and 14, were born. This year my daughters were ill behaved and snobbish in their behavior toward their loving extended family. My husband and I have not decided what to do about this situation yet and I thought I would write to you to ask for some guidance.

The Wednesday Five Betty_Reid_Soskin

In this week’s Wednesday Five: meet the ‘Iron Nun’, 86-year-old triathlete Sister Madonna Buder; Afghanistan’s only woman athlete at the Olympics is running alone but fighting for all women; at 94, Betty Reid Soskin is the oldest and flyest Park Ranger ever; the moments in ‘Gilmore Girls’ season 1 that not-so-secretly empowered us; and why women’s boxing continues to be in the shadows.

Ro Howe’s Recipes: Chilled Pear Soup with Raspberries Untitled

By Ro Howe

Though we can find pears all year, they are at their best and a glorious blessing of midsummer. When you bite, their solid structure defies viscosity. Their soft, slightly gritty cell structure holds intensely flavored juice with a distinct floral-pear aroma. Bite into a ripe pear and you will be forgiven the drool of nectar smearing your lips.

Happiness, Liberty, Life? Politics and Art 1944 Cartoon(1)

By Stacia Friedman

How does art created 10, 20, or even 50 years ago speaks so loudly to issues that dominate headlines today? Is the current presidential race taking us forward or “back to the future?”