The Nitty Gritty of Gratitude Jessica Caplan-0012

Herein lies the grit of gratitude: as a practice we take time to do it consistently, we do it whether we’re “feeling it” in that moment or not.

Women Who Serve: Philadelphia, PA Ed&JudiSamulewicz

I owe a great debt of thanks to the staff of St. John’s and to Judi and Ed for allowing me to be part of their team for a day (and inviting me back!), opening my eyes ever wider to the gravity of homelessness and the importance of volunteerism, particularly for those who are the most needy among us.

The Wednesday Five: After Thanksgiving 565342ed6f74facb3e9e2e50_aziz-ansari-master-of-none-cr-courtesy

There’s an abundance of tips on how to prepare, host and then enjoy the holiday tomorrow. But what about after Thanksgiving? Here are our favorite innovative post-holiday advice on how to recover and unwind from the feasts and the family.

Women Who Serve: Pastor Gretchen and the ‘No-Cost’ Thanksgiving Meal Pastor Gretchen head shot

By Toni Myers

Pastor Gretchen Mertes is responsible, along with many helpers, for the “Thanks Giving Dinner,” a church tradition. Over 60 volunteers pitch in to offer this feast for 200 people. Anybody and everybody are welcome, from people without permanent homes to those who have no family to celebrate with. There are no buffet lines, all are seated at tables in order to create a family atmosphere.

Women Who Serve: Savannah, Georgia 5209107871_dcd07c7dbe_o

By Barbara Fertig

Thanksgiving is an important occasion for those who prepare the feasts for the homeless; women who look forward to an annual coming together for the purpose of service.

Movie Review: ‘Brooklyn,’ One Girl’s Journey Home banner-brooklyn-Brooklyn_Film_844x476

By Alexandra MacAaron

It’s this fact that makes ‘Brooklyn’ so relevant. As our country debates whether to allow refugees in, we need to reflect upon our own histories and recognize so many common dreams and goals. . . If America is home, it’s because the country welcomed one of our ancestors and gave them a chance to build a new life. We have an opportunity — and I would argue an obligation — to pay it forward.

As We Celebrate Thanksgiving, Many Still Go Hungry WSCAHpantry

Diane Vacca reminds us of the sobering problem of hunger that still plagues many of our nation’s families and an interfaith collaboration in her Manhattan neighborhood aiming to fight it.

Changing Thanksgiving Traditions: 10 Ways to Discuss Difficult Issues With Family Members 6781795987_b297d76a53_z

Dr. Megan Riddle offers ten ways to discuss difficult issues with family members—without causing a big rift.

Poetry Sunday: “Penelope’s Song,” by Jeanne Wagner Wagner_4-15-15

What is being described is the state of invisibility familiar to any woman who has reached middle age, and this makes me wonder if Penelope’s “sin” might be her own thwarted lust for the suitors who spurn her, a complete inversion of the vectors of desire in ‘The Odyssey.’

Ten Ways to Mind Stress During the Holidays Jonathan for web

This is another post in our series of Fitness Saturday exercises, workouts, and expert tips appropriate to women in the second half of life. Jonathan Urla, a certified advanced health and fitness specialist, shares helpful ways to keep the stress levels down during the holiday season

Molly Fisk: You Say Tom-AY-to 4904261150_2b260c8a17_z

I don’t know about you, but everyone in my town right now is harvesting things and canning them, or freezing or drying or pressing, etc.

Favorite Fall Indulgences: Brenda Coffee, Founder/CEO of 1010ParkPlace New Brenda Shot – Version 2

Brenda Coffee is the founder of, a site dedicated to “the best-educated, most powerful demographic in history: women over 45!” She shares with us all the decadent ways she indulges in the fall season.

Being Informed About Terrorism

We at Women’s Voices for Change wanted to provide a perspective, indeed several perspectives, on current events for those interested in learning more about the recent horrific events in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere. We’ve curated a list of articles by trusted journalists that may help our readers understand perplexing and complicated geopolitical events.

Dr. Ford Reports: ‘The Hunting Ground’ — Rape on College Campuses

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Sunday night CNN will broadcast the documentary film “The Hunting Ground” (8 p.m. EST), which focuses on the subject of rape on college campuses. The film makes the point that most of these incidents go unreported, and those that are reported get little or no justice.

The Land of Oz . . . One Month In Untitled 2

By Eleanore Wells

Sydney is just beautiful. I walk around this city in awe that this is now my life. I’m just bopping along and then I look up and am gobsmacked by yet another beautiful scene.