Pneumonia: A Common Lung Infection that Became Famous

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

Hillary Rodham Clinton had a cough and after a few tweets it became the cough that was heard around the world.

Pneumonia: Definition, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention gelbman-office-shot

By Dr. Brian Gelbman

The prognosis for pneumonia is very favorable and most patients respond to the first course of antibiotics with no long-term consequences. However, some cases of pneumonia can be more severe, especially when the patient has other serious medical conditions.

Road Trip…Unleashed: Hitting the Road After All These Years Route 66

By Phyllis Cohen

I didn’t realize how badly I’d been bitten by the wanderlust bug until, on the way to the supermarket one Saturday, my husband brought up our son’s upcoming vacation to China. A range of emotions came over me: waves of excitement, pangs of fear. Mostly, I was jealous.

Poetry Sunday: ‘Seventh-Inning Sermon,’ by Chiyuma Elliot elliott-california-winter-league-large

By Rebecca Foust

‘Seventh-Inning Stretch’ by Chiyuma Elliot knocks it out of the park with six tercets of incantatory, biblical-sounding long lines that inspire the awe we feel towards any art (including, I’d maintain, baseball) at its apex.

Molly Fisk: Wealth Measured in Persimmons 2110959200_c55c85cf8d_o

This fall, my 12-year-old Fuyu persimmon tree, which has borne fruit only twice since I planted it, went wild right under my nose. The leaves turned a glorious dark orange and then all fell off during a storm, revealing what I thought were 40 little orange globes.

‘Tech Neck,’ Premature Aging, and Poor Posture — A 21st Century Problem 8355329118_5a7ea96047_z

More and more people are coming into doctor’s offices complaining of neck pain or associated shoulder and lower back pain. Often, it stems from their habits of looking down at their mobile phones and computer screens. Health professionals have coined this problem as ‘tech neck.’

Fashion Friday: Adele Uddo’s Skin Care 101 adele-f27-kevin-hees

As a parts model, moisturizing is a must since any part of me can be called to work on a given day. If you properly hydrate your skin, it looks healthier. I’ve always understood that healthy skin looks beautiful at any age.

Were Women Overlooked in Selection of Presidential Debate Moderators? (In the News)

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare to go head to head in the coming presidential debates, another discussion has emerged about the selection of the debate moderators.

Sex, Lies and Gender: Are Women Judged by Different Moral Standards? ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Women who aspire to top jobs are held to a different standard. They have to be “better” than the rest, even today. Most women know that, from a lifetime of experience, and in our hearts. As it plays out now on a national scale, perhaps we can all agree that the system is “rigged,” but let’s not forget whom it is rigged for.

Female Cadets at West Point Are Now Required to Box (In the News)

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point in New York State first admitted women — 119 female cadets — in 1976. While those women and the ones who followed have undergone rigorous training, the requirements for women were modified so they didn’t have to do everything that male cadets did.

The Wednesday Five: Best Moments for Women at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Sunday’s 68th Annual Emmy Awards featured beautiful and groundbreaking moments for women in Hollywood. Here are our top five favorites of some of the best speeches and notable moments in the Awards.

Ro’s Recipes: Catalan Culinary Entertainment chipotle-shrimp-potatoes-w-paprika-honey-glaze

Originally the term tapa “top” referenced the little piece of bread placed on a glass of wine sampled in a bodega (wine cellar). On the piece of bread might be a shrimp or piece of cheese. Then tapas developed into small plates eaten around a small high table between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.

Vikander and Weisz Shine Brightly in ‘The Light Between Oceans’ the-light-between-oceans

By Alexandra MacAaron

Director Derek Cianfrance is clearly invested in his material (he wrote the screenplay himself, based on the very successful first novel of M.L. Stedman). And, his sweeping vistas of the island and the surrounding waters take your breath away. He has also pulled very strong performances out of his fine cast (especially from Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz).

“She Talks” A New Docu-Series from ABC on Women Entrepreneurs untitled

“She Talks” is a docu-series that profiles women entrepreneurs who share their stories about sacrifice and success after striking out on their own.

Recognizing Borderline Personality Disorder and Seeking Treatment 14770821388_116e1b7dbc_k

By Megan Riddle, M.D. Ph.D.

While we used to consider borderline personality disorder to be a diagnosis that lasted a lifetime, we now know that symptoms can wax and wane and go into remission, just like with other illnesses. But certain aspects tend to be less likely to change, like difficulties with relationships, thus emphasizing the importance of therapy to work on these and other aspects of this disorder.