Molly Fisk: Doing the Watusi, 30 Feet Up 2892163916_29c26b090f_z

The go-go dancer was in a little phone booth–sized cubicle at the top of a pole several stories higher than the club she advertised, wearing those calf-high white boots that defined the era and a little bathing-suit-like outfit with lots of fringe.

Fitness Saturday: The Bridge

This week’s exercise, The Bridge, is an amazing and safe way to help shape and strengthen your bum, build muscle, improve core stability, and increase flexibility

Fashion Friday: Winter Have You Down? POP Some Color! Worth8

Why not fight the winter blues by adding some great pops of beautiful color to your outfit? From a bright pair of pumps to a gorgeous, fun coat to a beautiful sweater, there are dozens of ways to invite color into your outfit and liven your day. We’ve gathered some gorgeous examples, all from Worth New York.

The Way We Were: The SNCC Teenagers Who Changed America Judy Toddle House - Magnum - NYC32868 2 2-1

By Judy Richardson

How did they find the courage to do it—challenge the racist order in the South in the 1960s? Who formed the strategy, who dared to take it out to some of the most racist Southern counties? In this forthright memoir, Judy Richardson gives us an insider’s look at the danger-ridden early years of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, “the only national civil rights movement led by young people.”

Wednesday 5: The Week’s Best in Women’s News p022015al-0244

Real questions for real women on the Awards’ red carpet; children’s books that celebrate Black History; a photographer and mother uses her photography to find the funny in parenting; and celebrating Women of the Civil Rights Movement at the White House.

Diary of an Oscars Weekend, Part 3 FullSizeRender

Playwright/producer/screenwriter Elizabeth Hemmerdinger offers an inside look at what it was like out there in Hollywood during Oscars weekend. Here’s Part 3 of our series—working the parties on Oscars Day.

Oscars 2015: Did Hollywood Show Its True Colors, at Last? oscars_2012_statues

By Alexandra MacAaron

It was an unusual year for the Academy Awards, honoring a very eclectic (if uniformly Caucasian) collection of films. The acceptance speeches were eclectic too.

Tech Tuesday: 3D Printing 800px-Wearable_3D_Printed_Shoes

By Amy Blum

3D printing is an exciting young technology that is rapidly evolving. As the cost of 3D printers and materials go down, you may be able to afford your own printer and simply print any design that you like at home. Your own designer shoes that fit perfectly? A customized coffee table? It’s possible.

Dr. Pat Consults: Heart Disease in Women: Recognizing the Symptoms 6877886245_3a0e1f2a15_z

By James A. Blake, M.D.

Cardiologist James. A. Blake, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, describes the heart-disease symptoms that are ignored by too many women.

Diary of an Oscars Weekend, Part II 2572

By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger

An insider’s look at a playwright/producer/screenwriter’s working weekend in Hollywood. Many parties are involved.

Oscar Central: Women’s Voices’ Live Blog of the 2015 Academy Awards 2011oscars

Join us right here during the Oscars anytime you feel the urge to opine.

The Nominated Movies—Deserving and Not—Through Our Writers’ Eyes

Writers for offer their own opinions about who should win or not before the spectacle begins. Have a great night and join us as we gape and gossip, compare notes and opinions on our site during our sixth year at the Oscars together.

Diary of a Documentary Filmmaker During Oscars Weekend IMG_2552

By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger

What’s it like out there in Hollywood during Oscars weekend? Playwright/producer/screenwriter Elizabeth Hemmerdinger lets us know.

Poetry Sunday: Modified Rapture millay

“Sonnet IV,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, takes a rather jaundiced view of passion.

Molly Fisk: There’s a Third Place for Us 3801105597_04b9daf3fa_z

By Molly Fisk

A third place is where you catch up with your community—get the latest gossip, find someone to buy your pickup, or maybe even foment a little rebellion. Everyone knows you won’t be there on Thursdays because that’s the night you play poker with your mom at the rest home