Dr. Pat Consults: “Heartburn,” “Indigestion,” “Reflux”—How Should It Be Treated? Medical Mondays 2

By Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen and Dr. Brian Landzberg

I am 48 and have long suffered from heartburn, indigestion, reflux—all the names apply to the constant discomfort I have in the area of my lower esophagus and stomach. I took a series of tests, and the test for H. pylori was positive. What is H. pylori? How did I get it? Is the two weeks of medication I must take likely to get rid of the infection?

Poetry Sunday: A Woman’s Journey gibbon_black_sm(1)

Poet, teacher, novelist, Maureen Gibbon commands words with confidence. Here she takes control of a journey and the memories that followed. A strong woman is always a guide worth hearing.

Molly Fisk: “How’s It Working for You?” lightbulb

By Molly Fisk

Sometimes, when you least expect it, an idea comes into your life and radically changes your perspective. I got lucky this week; two complementary ideas walked in my open door hand in hand.

Fashion Friday: Casual Pants to Love crop pants

Here are some alternatives to what used to be called “slacks”—a downer of a name if there ever was one. A pair of any of these will make you look forward to walking out the door.

Dr. Ford on Domestic Violence: Helping Someone in an Abusive Relationship ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

One of the mistakes friends, family, and even therapists often make (I learned this the hard way) is that when the victim confides in them, they exhort her to protect herself and leave. Often, however, she is not yet ready to do that, because she is still feeling trapped. Then the next time he hurts her, she is less likely to confide in her support group because she feels ashamed that she has ignored their advice.

Wednesday 5: The Best of the Internet This Week BrFST97CIAAPMpC

Fifty essential feminist films curated by Flavorwire; Viola Davis as the leading lady we’ve all known her to be; activists doctor CoverGirl’s “Get Your Game Face On” ad to transform it into a tool against domestic violence; Katie Nolan of Fox Sports shares some of the more insightful and thoughtful commentaries on the NFL’s domestic violence cancer; and surprising and not so surprising answers to where nine now-powerful women were when they were 23.

Theater Review: ‘Finding Neverland’ 3856-jz2

By Alexandra MacAaron

Magic is at the core of “Finding Neverland.” The main theme is that believing is all-important. We must find ways to keep or recapture the joys of childhood, or we perish. Will “Neverland” be a hit on Broadway?

Dr. Pat Consults: When is Laser Treatment the Best Option for Skin Cancer? Skin Lesion

By Anetta Reszko, M.D.

Because laser light penetrates to only a certain depth within the skin, laser surgery kills only tumor cells on the surface of the skin. As a result, the laser treatment should be considered for biopsy proven superficial low-risk tumors when other techniques were unsuccessful or are poor surgical candidates.

Poetry Sunday: Beachcombing at Summer’s End 4960504668_0fd0db3e9e_z

While those lazy hazy days of summer of which Nat King Cole once sang are wonderful in their way, there is much to be said for the precious moments walking the beach as autumn intimates its arrival. For Nikia Leopold, the treasures are many—not only those she can hold, but the hopes to which they lead.

Book Review: The Venturesome Life of Gail Sheehy 1409737514823.cached

By Deborah Harkins

Sheehy’s memoir is the tale of a tempestuous romance; a compelling look into the first stirrings of female revolt in the 1960s and ’70s; and the story of a reporter who throws herself into danger so persistently that her book is clearly the blueprint for a screenplay.

Fashion Friday: The Statement Necklace img-thing

A stunning statement necklace (and by “statement necklace” we mean oversize, decadent, and unmistakeable) can add an instant zsa zsa zsu to an ensemble and re-energize even the simplest of day or evening outfit. It can also provide the most elegant finishing touch.

She’s Young (14!) and Sexually Active: Dr. Ford Counsels Her Distraught Mother ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

There is no strong consensus in our culture anymore about standards of behavior. While some kids have always violated social norms when it comes to early sexuality, at least they knew what the norms were. Today’s parents don’t make it clear enough where they stand on this issue.

Wednesday 5: The Netflix Five—Films Featuring Inspiring Women makers-pressimage-logo-2-470-wplok

We bring back a favorite: The Netflix Five—Films Featuring Inspiring Women. We hope you find some movie time to learn about these incredible women and girls. Hurry to netflix.com; these award-winning social documentaries are streaming now.

A Woman Who’s Made a Difference: Ludy Green 51xeNKTlODL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

By Deborah Harkins

Since some domestic abusers vengefully track down their escaped partners, Second Chance Employment Services works with the Department of Justice to “change anything that needs to be changed to make a woman untraceable,” the agency’s founder says. “We had a woman who had to change her name and Social Security number three times.”

Dr. Pat Consults: Cosmetic Surgery on the Eyelid—the Benefits, the Hazards eye lids

By Leila Rafla-Demetrious, M.D.

“I had my eyes done by a plastic surgeon. I just wanted the droopy upper lids cut back, since they were hideous and wrinkly. . . . The surgeon told me that I needed both “upper and lower” work. I now have dry eyes and the inside of my lower eyelid on one eye is pulled down. What can be done?”