The Wednesday 5: The Week’s Must-Reads quiltudoko.grid_

In this week’s Wednesday 5: Girls in Afghanistan are not allowed to ride bicycles—but a growing organization teaches them how to skateboard; artist Faith Ringgold creates an app for the aging mind and eye; a new book on Rose Herera, formerly enslaved, and her fight to get back her children; the tech company Axosoft is brilliantly reimagining the ladies’ room symbol; and TV’s best British women police officers.

Where Are All the Stage Mothers? (Maternal Roles Get Short Shrift in the Theater) 60a7ea23e7372ada_landing

By Alexandra MacAaron

Historically, both straight plays and musicals have been a little biased when it comes to maternal characters.

Tech Tuesday: Nature & Technology Image from Flickr via (Creative Commons License)

By Amy Blum

While the progress of technology often threatens preservation on a large scale, as individuals we can improve our natural surroundings by using technology to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

Dr. Pat Consults: New Mothers and Postpartum Depression—When It’s More Than Baby Blues 380747913_c73873a0d1_o

By Megan Riddle, M.D. Ph.D.

There is still a degree of shame surrounding emotional issues that can arise during pregnancy and childbirth, and it is important that we talk about them.

Poetry Sunday: “The New Egypt,” by Robin Becker image

Becker’s subject—property acquisition and its relation to ideas of family and homeland—is an unconventional and powerfully moving choice for a sonnet, proving again the infinite elasticity and enduring vitality of the form.

Molly Fisk: Three Cheers for the Ordinary Human! 2247468044_be55ca54a9_z

By Molly Fisk

I came to this coffee shop today because this is where I wrote my first essay, in October 2004. I wanted to see what it felt like to write my 170th one here, too.

Fitness Saturday: The Lateral Lunge

By Brooke Marrone

The Lateral Lunge is an important exercise; it not only targets the gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles, as traditional lunges do, it also builds strength in your abductor and adductor (inner and outer thigh) muscles, which are often ignored.

Fashion Friday: Dresses by Tadashi Shoji apa2133m_blue_stone_front

Earlier this week, First Lady Michelle Obama paid tribute to Japanese-born designer Tadashi Shoji at the White House dinner for Japan by wearing a stunning rich purple gown. The first lady’s choice is a serendipitous and timely one, for Shoji offers some beautiful options for the mothers in our lives.

Countdown to Mother’s Day: “The Corset”

By Judie Rae

Judie Rae’s tribute to her no-nonsense, yet nurturing, adoptive grandmother Hettie.

Gluten Sensitivity: Symptoms That May Surprise You 3459193333_ef97049bfd_o

By Lilli Link, MD, MS

Unless you already know a lot about what gluten can do to your body, you should read on, because you or someone you care about might be experiencing a health challenge from gluten—and not even know it.

The Wednesday 5: The Netflix Five—Women-Directed Films

In this iteration of The Netflix Five, we share with you five compelling films directed by five equally compelling women directors—all streaming on Netflix.

‘Mad Men’: Does Don Deserve to Die? mad-men-season7-08

By Alexandra MacAaron

“There are definitely those who think Don deserves to die. I’ve read more than one post online (invariably by women) volunteering to push him out that high-rise window.”

Tech Tuesday: Apps to Help You Get Organized 887396125_5d69361cff_z

By Amy Blum

Your handheld device can serve as a pencil and paper, flashlight, dictionary, measuring tape, and travel mirror. You might as well forget carrying a handbag altogether. All you really need is your phone and a few handy apps. Unless it is raining, of course—then you should probably have an umbrella.

Alert! Sun Exposure and the Development of Pre-Cancerous Skin Growths: Latest in Diagnosis and Management 771892318_bd82207c0f_z

By Anetta Reszko, M.D., Ph.D.

Actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous growths) are red, pink, or light lesions with a scaly, rough surface. They frequently occur on sun-exposed areas and are especially common on the balding scalp, forehead, face, dorsal forearms, and hands.

Poetry Sunday: “Annual Review,” by Connie Post connie and son

“I like the plain language that, with devastating directness and restraint, tells the story of a whole world of language lost with that one quoted word.”