Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: The High Impact of the Holidays 4251975730_dc2ecace46_z

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Instead of feeling pressure, we can be helped if we understand that holidays are not just for children, but are important, healthy rituals that maintain—and even improve—our emotional well-being.

The Wednesday 5: Three-Dimensional Women The Guardian

“Wonder Woman’s greatest battles weren’t waged against villains like Dr. Psycho or Professor Manly. Rather, they were against people with the power to define her. Those battles are still being fought by three-dimensional women in the engineering departments of tech companies, in political campaigns, and in the plush offices of VCs and studio executives.”

The World According to Weber: My Grandmother Rosalie and the Season’s Coziest Cookbook book

By Nancy Weber

In “The Pollan Family Table” you’re apt to find clues to a childhood culinary treasure that was never codified, that you’ve hungered after for decades. That’s where my grandmother comes in.

Today’s Talk Topic: Strangers on a Train

Say you’re on a commuter train. You could talk to the stranger beside you or you could haul out your smartphone to signal “Do not bother me.” Which is more likely to make you feel better?

Dr. Pat Consults: Gluten-Free Diets—Science or Fad? 540926535_6117cae4b9_b

By Brian Landzberg, M.D.

“It seems that celiac disease and gluten consumption have become the scapegoat for all of society’s ills, including a host of non-specific symptoms that include fatigue, headache, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.” A gastroenterologist’s view.

Poetry Sunday: Alice Pettway Season Alice_Pettway_Author_Photo

Here Alice Pettway gives us an African season that is as remote as it is exotic and beautifully rendered.

Molly Fisk: The Art of the Well-Lit Lawn 170609506_13bf8e062f_z

By Molly Fisk

Get your family out of the house and into the car where they can’t escape togetherness. Tool around your own neighborhood, and then pass by the houses of your friends and your kids’ friends. Oooh! and aaah! over the lights you find. People risk their lives putting those reindeer on the roof, for Pete’s sake!

Fashion Friday: Priceless–Verdura Jewelry at 75 CHERYL FLEMING

Priceless and Ageless. After 75 years, this is Verdura.

Dr. Pat Consults: “Is Marijuana as Harmless as My Son Says?” 4420604477_2d02aa0c30_z

By Megan Riddle, M.D. Ph.D.

“My son, a college sophomore, tells me that marijuana is far safer than cigarettes or alcohol, with basically no health side effects. Is it really as harmless as he says? Although I admit that I tried it briefly when I was about his age, I worry about what sort of long-term effects it might have, and I want him to be informed.”

The Wednesday 5: Radical Women

In this week’s Wednesday 5 we share with you five documentaries featuring the lives and stories of radical women, including Nina Simone, Marina Abramovic, and Elaine Stritch.

Betty Buckley’s New “Ghostlight” Is a Hauntingly Beautiful Homecoming Click here to purchase on Amazon.com. Proceeds from your purchase help fund Women’s Voices‘ nonprofit mission.

By Alexandra MacAaron

“Ghostlight” is a disarmingly intimate collection of songs, spanning several decades and a breadth of genres—a carefully curated mix ranging from Irving Berlin to Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jacques Brel to Tom Waits. It was designed to transport you to “a mysterious, smoky place.”

Dr. Pat Consults: The Flu Shot—Questions from a Skeptic 4092914530_97262bd71b

By Dr. Jason Kendler

“Jennie, this is definitely not the year you should avoid the flu vaccine, and I will tell you why. But before I do, I want to remind you of the terrible symptoms that patients with the flu can experience. . .”

Poetry Sunday: Pearl Harbor Day eleanor-roosavelt

Visitors to Pearl Harbor today are stirred by the USS Arizona Memorial, the hull of the sunken ship from which our nation’s flag flies. On the path to the memorial, one can see the poem that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt carried with her during those long years of horror and suffering.

Parenting Is a Joke Click here to purchase on Amazon.com. Proceeds from your purchase help fund Women’s Voices‘ nonprofit mission.

By Roz Warren

Thanks to Twitter, when an amateur comic who is also a parent cracks a good joke, the world listens! And if you need a good laugh, you should, too. Check out this sampling of the best wit, wisdom, and wisecracks from “The Big Book of Parenting Tweets.”

Holiday Shopping: Creative and Thoughtful Gifts Under $25. img3o

For those who want to steer clear of the culture of excess during the holidays, our Women’s Voices family has curated a collection of gifts under $25 that are simple, thoughtful, creative, and affordable.