Sex, Lies and Paperwork: ‘Girlfriends Guide to Divorce,’ Season 2 Premieres Tonight 141009_2818108__GG2D__I_m_Getting_a_Divorce___

By Alexandra MacAaron

I thought a better title for the show would be ‘Rich White Women Whining.’ . . . But, I confess it grew on me after a couple of episodes for two important reasons: very smart writing and very strong acting.

A Healthier, More Satisfying Second Half of Life: Protecting Brain Function. brain gearssm

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

If you have not begun to think about brain health, forty is the age to create a strategy that works for your life so that you can sustain cognitive function for the long haul.

The New Thanksgiving: Memories of a Faithful Dog dogphoto2

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

Fifty years ago, Jim adopted his first dog from a shelter. He told me how much all the dogs he had cared for over the years had meant to him.

Poetry Sunday: “Kanpur Central Railway Station,” by Liz Gray LizGray_Fourway_web_5-21-15

By Rebecca Foust

The poem describes an event that is a turning point in the larger journey, the moment when things begin to fall apart. . .


I was thinking about age. How I’d worked with an 80-year-old client that morning, and then had dinner with a 32-year-old friend. That I’d see my oldest student the next day, who’s 95, and am slated to give driving lessons to a 15-year-old I adore. I was thinking. . .how much I treasure everyone I know and how encircled I feel by people of all ages.

Fitness Saturday: Three Ways to Correct Posture Straight Leg Bridge2

Jonathan Urla, a certified advanced health and fitness specialist, returns to the importance of posture and shares three simple techniques to correct bad posture.

Favorite Fall Indulgences: Karen Roberts, Designer FullSizeRender

Designer Karen Roberts’ philosophy: “Confident and successful women over 40 do not want to dress like their 20-something year old daughters even if they can get away with it. They want to look beautiful and stylish in clothing that fits well, is not too tight or too short, and reflects their experience and life accomplishments.”

Women Who Serve: Nevada County, California wvfc forster

By Judie Rae

These volunteers are the quiet heroes who ask nothing in return for the hours they spend attempting to make the world a little brighter for those less fortunate.

The Nitty Gritty of Gratitude Jessica Caplan-0012

By Jessica Caplan

Herein lies the grit of gratitude: as a practice we take time to do it consistently, we do it whether we’re “feeling it” in that moment or not.

Women Who Serve: Philadelphia Ed&JudiSamulewicz

By Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

I owe a great debt of thanks to the staff of St. John’s and to Judi and Ed for allowing me to be part of their team for a day (and inviting me back!), opening my eyes ever wider to the gravity of homelessness and the importance of volunteerism, particularly for those who are the most needy among us.

The Wednesday Five: After Thanksgiving 565342ed6f74facb3e9e2e50_aziz-ansari-master-of-none-cr-courtesy

There’s an abundance of tips on how to prepare, host and then enjoy the holiday tomorrow. But what about after Thanksgiving? Here are our favorite innovative post-holiday advice on how to recover and unwind from the feasts and the family.

Women Who Serve: Pastor Gretchen and the ‘No-Cost’ Thanksgiving Meal Pastor Gretchen head shot

By Toni Myers

Pastor Gretchen Mertes is responsible, along with many helpers, for the “Thanks Giving Dinner,” a church tradition. Over 60 volunteers pitch in to offer this feast for 200 people. Anybody and everybody are welcome, from people without permanent homes to those who have no family to celebrate with. There are no buffet lines, all are seated at tables in order to create a family atmosphere.

Women Who Serve: Savannah, Georgia 5209107871_dcd07c7dbe_o

By Barbara Fertig

Thanksgiving is an important occasion for those who prepare the feasts for the homeless; women who look forward to an annual coming together for the purpose of service.

Movie Review: ‘Brooklyn,’ One Girl’s Journey Home banner-brooklyn-Brooklyn_Film_844x476

By Alexandra MacAaron

It’s this fact that makes ‘Brooklyn’ so relevant. As our country debates whether to allow refugees in, we need to reflect upon our own histories and recognize so many common dreams and goals. . . If America is home, it’s because the country welcomed one of our ancestors and gave them a chance to build a new life. We have an opportunity — and I would argue an obligation — to pay it forward.

As We Celebrate Thanksgiving, Many Still Go Hungry WSCAHpantry

Diane Vacca reminds us of the sobering problem of hunger that still plagues many of our nation’s families and an interfaith collaboration in her Manhattan neighborhood aiming to fight it.