Wednesday 5: Pulitzer Prize, Summer Movies, Digital Media, and Mindy Kaling on Beauty inga-saffron

Four women bring home the Pulitzer Prize; summer 2014 could be the summer of women in film; 16 women behind innovative digital media organizations; a flight attendant finds a comedic solution to getting passengers’ attention; and actress Mindy Kaling says that her beauty choices should NOT be considered “courageous.”

Today’s Talk Topic: The Cranky Dieter

We all knew that dieting made us cranky. But now there is scientific evidence to support this.

Women, Faith, and Spirituality women and spiirituality

By Jane Moffett, LCSW-R, Ph.D., S.E.P

A close friend facing the diagnosis of progressive memory loss asks me, “I’ve lived a good life. How is it this is happening to me?” A patient who suffered unspeakable childhood abuse asks, “I’m ready to love, but can I trust it not to hurt?”

Today’s Talk Topic: Laci Green

Laci Green is every color of the rainbow of sexuality, and then some.

Menopause Is Not a Disease (Ask Dr. Pat) 8118678013_46eddf621d_z

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

“My girlfriends and I talk all the time about how we will manage menopause. What can I do to prepare for this horrible time so that I don’t ruin my life like my mother ruined hers?”

Poetry Sunday: A Sea of Possibilities marie_elizabeth

Today’s poem, by Marie-Elizabeth Mali, appeared as a Poem-A-Day offering on March 26. It comes with Marie-Elizabeth’s statement about the inspiration for this work, allowing you to see her intimate relationship with the sea and her ability to imagine her way into its soul.

Another Woman Who’s Made a Difference: Mary Palmer, Seattle’s Pied Piper Mary_Palmer_and_Lightning_Round_kids_32014

The Global Reading Challenge is designed to include all fourth/fifth graders, not just the avid readers, though they are its biggest cheerleaders. Though it means more work, they love the excitement (as well as the safety) of competing in teams; the wild and crazy practice sessions; the recognition by everyone in school; the realization later that they will always and forever be Global Scholars.

Fashion Friday: Diane Von Furstenberg’s Wrap Dress Turns 40 The Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress, made iconic by designer Diane von Furstenberg, turns 40 this year—fitting perfectly with Women’s Voices’ mission of redefining life after 40.

Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: Flirting at Work— at What Cost? Cecilia Ford Ph.D

“I’m sure in some ways you feel you are being blamed for someone else’s bad behavior (the drunken client), and to some extent this is true. But your letter suggests that you are aware of your allure and you use it—i.e. the ‘harmless flirting’ you referred to. This incident proves to you, however, that flirting can be dangerous—if not to others, then to you.”

Wednesday 5: Women of Soul, Billie Holiday, The Ladies of Bletchley Circle Billie Holiday

The White House celebrates “Women of Soul”; celebrating Billie Holiday; the ladies of “The Bletchley Circle” are back; Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, the UK’s ONLY annual book award for fiction, announces its shortlist; and some inspiring words from inspiring women activists.

Today’s Talk Topic: Tyler Perry Gets Single Moms

All too often, pop culture portrayals suggest that single mothers are difficult career women becoming more “human,” love-starved damsels becoming brave, or former delinquents becoming productive citizens. But Tyler Perry’s new film portrays single mothers as ethical agents.

TV Review: ‘Mad Men’—the End, Part I mad-men-returns-on-april-7-the-first-of-only-26-episodes-left-in-the-critically-acclaimed-series

By Alexandra MacAaron

Since Day One, Don Draper’s personal life has been a train wreck, but he was always able to weave magic for clients. He’s an abhorrent human being, but we root for him. The wonder of “Mad Men” is that Don, despite his womanizing and whiskey, has somehow been the moral compass of the show for us all along.

Today’s Talk Topic: Test Your Car’s IQ

We love the Fuel-Efficiency Smackdown on the Mother Jones website. Pass the contest along to a guy who thinks he knows more about cars than you do. Bet he doesn’t.

Medical Monday: Why Does a Person Develop Alzheimer’s Disease? adult helping senior in hospital

By Richard S. Isaacson, M.D

Regarding AD risk, a new study published in “Nature” this month offers what could be a groundbreaking step in the right direction. This preliminary work may help to unlock some of the mysteries of why certain people develop AD and others are more resistant to developing the disease.

Today’s Talk Topic: A Collection of Collectives

We like creative collective nouns: “an exaltation of larks,” for instance, or “a leap of leopards,” or “a murder of crows.” Can you come up with a witty collective noun referring to “women of a certain age”?