Movie Review: ‘And So It Goes’ (or, Gordon Gekko Meets Annie Hall) michaeldouglas_dianekeaton_andsoitgoes

By Alexandra MacAaron

Diane Keaton is earnest, sentimental, a little goofy. But the flibbertigibbet routine is getting tired. Meanwhile, Michael Douglas chews the scenery as a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge. He seems to be having a grand old time—emphasis on the word “old.”

Dr. Pat Consults: “Fatty Liver”—What Causes It? How Is It Treated? liver

By Brian Landzberg, M.D.

“Is it true that the fatty liver I have can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer as well? How does weight cause the liver to fail?”

Poetry Sunday: A Child Is Born l

Here, poet Barbara G.S. Hagerty imagines empowerment through nomenclature—and leaves no doubt about her opinion of the ordinary.

Molly Fisk on Birchsong 5645432610_9238cfd114_z

By Molly Fisk

When the birch snapped and woke me up, one of the 200 simultaneous swirling thoughts in my head—right after “Am I alive?”—was, “Hey! I can still hear!”

Favorite Summer Indulgences from Stylist Cristina Ehrlich 2784340500_af4de9f823_z

As we are now in the throes of summer, we’ve asked several accomplished women of style whom we admire to come up with 10 sweet indulgences for the season. This week we invited stylist Cristina Ehrlich to share with us her favorite picks.

Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: Overcoming Fear of Intimacy ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Imagine a tree, exposed to years of drought at a tender age—it may be smaller, or less robust, than it would have been under ideal conditions. But with special and intensive care, such trees can be coaxed back to health. They may retain marks of the early deprivation, but they can flourish.

Wednesday 5: Fashion Mags, Favorite Positions, and Women on the Front Page women

In this week’s Wednesday 5: women’s fashion magazines and the serious, substantive woman; 23 women show us their ‘favorite position’; women’s reports from war zones makes the front page of “The New York Times”; women are the new face of independent film; and dolls that steal the spotlight from Barbie.

Farewell to James Garner, with an Iconoclastic Comment About Elaine Stritch james_garner

Garner’s Maverick was sly. Bruce Weber, writing in “The New York Times,” said, “You rooted for him because he was on the right side of moral issues, he had a natural affinity for the little guy being pushed by the bully and he was more fun than anyone else.” And . . . he was a hunk.

Appalachian Voices: Power to the People! 800px-Mountains_of_West_Virginia_from_Pipestem_1

By Deborah Harkins

This, I guessed, was a small band of activists who had grit and optimism, given that they’re fighting so massive an opponent—the entrenched, politically powerful coal industry. I found myself wondering, “Who ARE those guys?”

Ask Dr. Pat: Is Endometrial Cancer Common? Medical Mondays 2

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

Endometrial cancer is the most common invasive gynecologic cancer in U.S. women, with an estimated 52,630 new cases expected to occur in 2014 and an estimated 8,590 women expected to die of the disease.

Poetry Sunday: Summer Worship with the Godmother of American Poetry Emily-Dickinson-Museum-Amherst-MA-640x480

Might you make time for poetry this summer? Is there any way to read Ms. Dickinson’s poem here and say no?

Roz Reviews: ‘Tender Is the Brisket’ TBCover

By Roz Warren

Stacia Friedman, who has worked in the film industry, knows how to put a scene together, keep it moving, and keep the laughs coming. But her wit carries insight.

Today’s Talk Topic: Elaine Stritch as Alec Baldwin’s ‘Mom’

Elaine Stritch, who died on July 17 at age 89, was unforgettable as Alec Baldwin’s mom, the irascible Colleen, on NBC’s “30 Rock”—a matriarch so malevolent that she regularly confounded even her wily son/

Fashion Friday: Tribute to Eileen Ford Obit Eileen Ford

One doesn’t have to be in the fashion world to know that to be a “Ford Model” is to be at the summit of the industry. Eileen Ford, widely credited with pioneering the modern modeling agency, co-founded the iconic Ford Models with her husband, Jerry Ford. She died on July 10. She was 92.

Dr. Ford Reports: The Myth of Safety on Campus 10304330045_0cdf79e200_z

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

The New York Times’s in-depth look at a campus sexual-assault complaint—the incident, the aftermath, and the surrounding culture—was a stunning indictment of the state of affairs for women on campus today.