Poetry Sunday: ‘Her Art,’ by LaWanda Walters Light_Is_the_Odalisque_cover

The loss in “Her Art” is of a mother’s ring; its broader subject is poetry (or even all art) and the extent to which it can and should be a vessel carrying the grief for human loss.

Molly Fisk: Decades After Meeting by Chance in a Dorm Cafeteria Molly Fisk

When we met, in 1973, we naively thought sexism would have begun to disappear by now, and unions gotten stronger.

Side Stabilization Exercises for Pilates Hi Res Jenn side1

By Jonathan Urla, MFA

Today I’m sharing a video of the basic “Side Kick” series from Pilates mat work exercises that mostly anyone can do.

Claudia Payne: ‘My Life Is My Indulgence’ Untitled

My life is my indulgence: French beauty products, silk nighties, pillow cases and towels; cotton yoga wear at the beach, where I live most of the time; and leather jackets and skinny jeans when I’m in Manhattan.

Coping When the News Is All Bad ford

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

Lately, we have not had time to process our feelings about the violent events of recent days and weeks because something else happens almost immediately. There is no way to completely insulate ourselves from these events but there are some techniques that can help.

Rebuttal Review: Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Ain’t Afraid of No Critics ghostbusters1.0.0

By Carla Baranauckas

Viewing the high definition version of “Ghostbusters” on Friday night of the opening weekend, I encountered a genuinely funny movie.

Feminists Urge Banning of Iran and Saudi Arabia from Olympics Because They Impose ‘Sexual Apartheid’

For a woman in Iran, even entering a stadium is a crime: French feminists “cited the notorious 2014 example of Anglo-Iranian Ghoncheh Ghavami, who was imprisoned for five months in Iran’s infamous Evin prison for trying to attend a men’s volleyball game in the capital.”

Rebuttal Review: Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Ain’t Afraid of No Critics ghostbusters1.0.0

By Carla Baranauckas

Viewing the high definition version of “Ghostbusters” on Friday night of the opening weekend, I encountered a genuinely funny movie.

The Fine Art of Aging Barnes Foundation photo credit VisitPhilly(1)

By Stacia Friedman

“Better she should learn how to cook for her husband than make like Picasso,” Hilda’s relatives said. To her credit, Hilda never turned on the stove. And she never stopped painting.

The Wednesday Five Untitled

In this week’s Wednesday Five: Martha Nussbaum aka, the philosopher of feelings; how wellness and self-care might be the new way to look, feel, and act rich; what happens when a harassment whistleblower goes on the science job market; why celebrating dads who do their daughter’s hair is important; and five women inventors you can thank for making your life much easier.

Movie Review: Faith Wins Out Over Fear in ‘The Innocents’ TheInnocents_FeatImage@2x

By Alexandra MacAaron

At the heart of ‘The Innocents’ is a community of powerful women. In fact, there are many women involved in ‘The Innocents’ behind the camera as well as onscreen, a situation I’d like to see more of in U.S. films. Perhaps that’s why the movie is so particularly powerful in its ability to dramatize the effects and aftereffects of war on women.

Women in Tech and the ‘Glass Cliff’ (In the News)

This week, as the tech giant Yahoo goes on sale, Marissa Mayer’s tenure as CEO is also under intense scrutiny. Writing for The Washington Post, Jena McGregor argues that there is a larger question at stake for women in tech.

Fighting Off Heat Stroke at ‘The Bates Motel’ 1600px-Bates_Motel_-_Universal_Studios_-_Hollywood_CA

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

I told Steve, the motel’s front-desk clerk, that I’d be sleeping in the back of my SUV, since the chemical and tobacco stench in Room 209 was intolerable. He offered me a suddenly available room on the third floor. I thanked him and declined.

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment caption

Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen unpacks the causes of heat strokes and heat exhaustion and shares key tips on how to recognize the symptoms and provide the proper treatment.

Poetry Sunday: ‘The Lost Books’ and ‘Figurines,’ by Lucille Lang Day Lucille Lang Day book cover_5-19-16

By Rebecca Foust

I hope you will take a look at the skillful manipulation it takes to work these repeating sentences into new formats with new ideas, and how challenging it can be to find repetends that make sense both on their own and also when finally linked in the last couplet. It’s a challenging form to do well, but many poets take comfort in knowing that once they’ve come up with those two repeating lines, their villanelle is nearly half finished.